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Turkey Cites Armenian Genocide For Exiting EU’s Arts Program



Turkey Cites Armenian Genocide For
Exiting EU’s Arts Program

:: ROME (Variety)—Turkey is exiting the European Union’s Creative Europe program
which supports the arts, including film and TV — a surprise move that comes as relations
between the Turkish government and the E.U. become increasingly strained.In 2015,
Turkey joined the ranks of non-E.U. member countries allowed to tap into
Creative Europe’s 1.46-billion-euro fund ($1.56 billion) to support culture and the arts
between 2014 and 2020. Creative Europe incorporates the E.U.’s Media Program,
which subsidizes production, promotion, and distribution of film, TV, and video content.
“The European Commission regrets Turkey’s decision and the fact that Turkish cultural
and audiovisual operators will miss future opportunities for cooperation with their
counterparts in the E.U.,” an E.U. spokeswoman. “Although this is unfortunate, the
commission respects the sovereign decision of Turkey.”The withdrawal, now under
negotiation between the E.U. and the Turkish government, is to be effective
from January 1, 2017.According to Turkish daily Haberturk, the pullout is in response
to a concert, supported by Creative Europe and performed in April by Germany’s
Dresdner Sinfoniker orchestra, in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.
Turkey rejects use of the word “genocide” to describe the killings of more than a million
Armenians and other Christian minorities by Ottoman Turks during the 1910s. The issue
continues to be a sensitive one for modern Turkey: In June, the German parliament’s
symbolic resolution declaring the killings a genocide sparked an angry reaction from the
government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.More recently, in the wake of the
July 15 failed coup in Turkey, tensions between the E.U. and Ankara have worsened,
partly because E.U. officials have criticized Erdogan’s heavy crackdown against the coup’s
alleged plotters and sympathizers. 

(Source: Asbarez.com)

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