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::  Statement by the British Armenian Community ::

The Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom in unison with Armenian Political organisations, namely ARF Dashnaktsutune, Ramgavar AG ADLP London Chapter and Social Democrat Hunchakian Parties together with their affiliate cultural and youth organisations, strongly condemn the recent unprovoked Azeri military aggression against the Nagorno Karabagh Republic, that started on the eve of 2 April 2016, breaking the ceasefire of over 20 years, and prejudicing the peace processes to which the Governments of Armenia and the Nagorno Karabagh Republic have been party to with the clear objective to reach a peaceful and just settlement to the conflict.  The Azeri leadership timed the attacks to coincide with the nuclear summit at Washington DC, where the Presidents of Armenia and of Azerbaijan were in attendance, and the fact that the massive attacks were clearly co-ordinated on three fronts, using modern warfare armament including tanks, artillery, helicopters, drones and internationally prohibited grad missiles, obviously indicates that the attacks had been carefully planned and in clear contravention of the long standing ceasefire agreement.

British Armenians deplore the aggressive attitude of the Azeri leadership which is clearly based on racial animosity against the peaceful Armenian people of Nagorno Karabagh. Azerbaijan is openly supported by the leadership of Turkey who despite incontrovertible evidence continue to deny the Genocide of 1.5 Million ethnic Armenians at the beginning of the 20th Century at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.  Neither regime respects Human Rights or Freedom of Expression in their own countries, and yet our own British Government continues to support these regimes at huge cost to the British tax payers.  By failing to condemn the criminal aggression of Azerbaijan against the people of Nagorno Karabagh, Britain’s position may be easily construed to be in support of the aggressor.

As British Armenians, we call upon our Government to condemn the actions of Azerbaijan and we call upon the British Public to write to their MPs, urging them to call on the Government to:

   =  Stop supporting the corrupt governments of Turkey and Azerbaijan, 

   =  Recognise the right of self determination of the people of Nagorno Karabagh and recognise the independence of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic,

=  Support the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s call for introducing sanctions on Azerbaijani officials,

=  Recognise the Armenian Genocide of 1915 planned and perpetrated by the Ottoman Government of Turkey.

We applaud Labour Member of Parliament, Mr Stephen Pound, for his statement calling on the British Government to prove that it considers itself as friends of the Armenian Nation. Further we call upon the FCO to firmly condemn Azeri attempts for breaking the Peace Process in the Southern Caucasus.

A special fund has been set up for humanitarian aid for the people affected by the conflict, and the funds will be channelled through to the government of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic to assist the victims of the war.

Please send your donation to:     ACC UK,  P.O.Box 46207, London W5 1XX
Please make cheques payable to:  ACC UK  and on the back please write:  ARTSAKH RELIEF FUND and your email address

Bank Transfers to:  ACC UK  ;  Sort Code:  40-06-19    ;  Account Number:   01494058  ;
BIC/Swift Code: MIDLGB2111R  ;  IBAN: GB34MIDL40061901494058
Please include your name, email address and ‘ARTSAKH RELIEF’ in your Transfer Reference Note.


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ARF Dashnaktsutune – UK
Ramgavar AG ADLP London Chapter
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