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Rima Kazumyan: one of the designers behind Emporio Armani

Rima Kazumyan: one of the designers behind Emporio Armani



From the electronic pages of NEWS & STYLE of today. Here you are guys, another young successful Armenian lady. Praiseworthy!

By Marina Adulyan

Few people know that one of the designers behind Emporio Armani men’s collections is a girl with Armenian roots. Rima Kazumyan is a senior designer of the world-famous fashion brand.

Despite her busy schedule Rima Kazumyan found time to answer the questions of the NEWS & STYLE correspondent.

How did you start your career of a designer?
Since my early childhood, I knew I wanted to be a designer. At the age of 11 I started taking drawing courses in Atex fashion center. This was followed by courses of graphics, design and fashion design.

My first experience was participation in First Step competition where I won the first prize. I was only 17 years old then. Later there was Grand Prix of the Russian Silhouette show followed by many other prestigious competitions and awards.

Did you like to sew clothes for your dolls as a child?
Yes, of course, just as many other girls do. But, thanks to my family, I immediately started doing it seriously and professionally.

Where did you study?
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan, then I studied in London’s famous Central Saint Martins College. Then it was Florence, Accademia Italiana, Arte, Moda e Design. I also graduated from Istituto Marangoni, fashion and design institute in Milan.

How did you get to Emporio Armani?

After graduating from Istituto Marango, I was invited for an internship at Frankie Morello, and then to Emporio Armani. First it was a probation period, and then I became the assistant to a chief designer of the brand. Later I was promoted, first working as a designer and now as a senior designer

Why did you choose men’s fashion?
I think working in men’s fashion now is much more interesting. Men’s fashion is developing intensively and there is more space for imagination.

When will you present the next collection?
The closest Emporio Armani show will be at the Milan fashion week in January next year.

What would you say about the way the Armenian men are dressed?
Unfortunately, the Armenian men are wearing one-color clothes. Using this opportunity, I would like to encourage our men to use more bright colors, pay attention to accessories and details. Incorrectly chosen accessories often spoil the entire look. It is important for men to look stylish rather than fashionable. This applies to women, too.

Find your own style, personality, and at the same time be trendy – that is what our men should aspire. It is not very easy, you have to be aware of the current fashion trends and have some knowledge of fashion.

When did you visit Armenia for the last time?

I usually come to Armenia for a vacation. I have a very busy schedule, and, unfortunately, it happens not so often. But I really miss my home, my family and friends.

And, finally what would like to wish the readers of NEWS.am STYLE?

wish all our readers happiness and success in business and prosperity!



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