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Revival Announced of ‘Mihran Damadian Chapter’ of the ADL (Ramgavar) Party in London

Revival Announced of ‘Mihran Damadian Chapter’
of the ADL (Ramgavar) Party in London

:  By a Press Release dated 16th September, 2015, it was announced that the Mihran Damadian Chapter in London, of the ADL (Armenian Democratic Liberal Party – Ramgavar Azadagan) had been revived and a new steering Committee had been elected.

The Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdo0m would like to congratulate the party members for taking the initiative of reviving the Mihran Damadian Chapter in London, and wish the newly elected Committee under the able chairmanship of Mr Hratch Kouyoumjian, every success.

The Press Release reads as follows:


Damadian Chapter Committee







The new Committee members of the “Mihran Damadian” Chapter in London.
From L to R: D.Vorperian, J.Kevorkian, H.Kouyoumjian, H.Pilikian, G. Boyadjian




In modernist London today, we, a group of concerned party members, feel duty-bound to initiate a modernization and resurgence of our local Chapter to carry and pass the banner on to the next generations especially that our Chapter bears the treasured name of Mihran Damadian, one of the Founding Fathers of ADL.

We have thus invited all known members residing in the UK to a General Meeting. No such meeting had been held for over fifteen years, and no steering committee was in existence to lead the Chapter.
The meeting was convened at 7:30 pm on September 14, 2015 at Hay Doun in Kensington. The new Chapter Committee was unanimously elected as follows:
Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian Chairman (kouyoumjianh@gmail.com)
Mr. Garo Boyadjian Vice-Chairman
Mr. Jirair Kevorkian Rapporteur/Secretary
Mr. Dikran Vorperian Treasurer
Prof. Hovannes Pilikian Member
As a first action, the newly elected Committee above calls on all members, who could not attend for any reason, to close ranks in order to face together the complex challenges of a modern community life.
We also call upon the global party leadership to cancel any proposed General Assemblies, to focus all efforts instead on organising a Consultancy meeting, to bring all factions together, with the noble intention, in good faith, for a constructive communal dialogue, in order to bridge the chasm that has dilapidated our Party as a direct consequence of some members pursuing their individual ambitions and agendas.
May we, furthermore, inform all community-based organizations in the UK, and specifically the other traditional Armenian political parties, that as of this document, the sole Representative of the ADL in the UK and the Party delegate to any official meeting is the elected Chapter Committee represented by its Chairman.

London,16 September, 2015.
Signed and stamped by the Chapter Chairman and Secretary


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