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President attended the “Haykyan» Award-Giving Ceremony established by the Youth Foundation of Armenia

President attended the “Haykyan» Award-Giving Ceremony established by the Youth Foundation of Armenia




Today, at the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre, President Serzh Sargsyan attended the “Haykyan” award-giving ceremony established by the Youth Foundation of Armenia. The organizers assure that this annual award-giving ceremony intends to foster the activity of the student self-governing bodies of our country, original youth initiatives, the involvement of young men in sciences, as well as international cooperation and the works accomplished in the sphere of state youth policy. The initiative aims to encourage all the youth organizations which have been distinguished by their activity and the contents of implemented programs. According to the organizers’ data, the number of organizations applying for different nominations gradually increases.

Today, at the award-giving ceremony, the best youth programs, the youth structures and the students manifested themselves as well as possible were awarded prizes in more than one dozen of nominations. Besides the traditional nominations, special prizes delivered to the winners by Serzh Sargsyan were also established. A special prize handed to Arpine Kalinina was established for the Komitas Concert Series. In the nomination the “Best International Youth Project” the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences AIESEC Armenia was handed a special prize for organizing the National Leadership Development Seminar. In the nomination the “Best International Structure cooperated with Youth” the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, for the patriotic work of educating the children living in a border village mathematics and physics teacher of Koti village school Gevorg Grigoryan, for the implementation of large-scale works in the sections of youth and juveniles Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, for the project “I want to live” directed to prevent the artificial interruption of a pregnancy depending on the baby’s sex “The Student Center of Non-State Higher Educational Institutions” non-governmental organization were delivered special prizes.

This year, besides the symbolic statue, the “Haykyan” prize winners were also delivered the Armenian “Armtab” planshets.

President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated all the participants, welcomed and stressed the importance of this initiative organized by the Youth Foundation of Armenia, because, according to the President, it directs youth energy and the flame of their souls to positive activities and makes them to have a share in our state’s progress. Noting that any award-giving ceremony, competition and contest give the young men a good opportunity to stand out from their peers, be the first, the best in this or that field, the President wished the young men recurrent success and prizes.


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