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Newsletter / Լրատու



The ACCC’s Publications Committee (HAMAINK Newsletter Section) aims to enhance the cultural and religious life of the British Armenian community by publishing articles about the Armenian Church, community news and news from all Armenian Organizations which may supply relevant information to the editor. Since 2005 the ACCC has published the HAMAINK Newsletter in printed format and distributed it free of charge to over 2,500 Armenian homes in the United Kingdom. HAMAINK contains informative material relating to the community and reports on past events and information on forthcoming activities in order to maintain a bilateral link with the community.  The current plans of the Committee are to increase their activity in the electronic information medium by publishing emailed Newsletters so that the information published can be more frequent, contemporary and up-to-date.

Any person who does not already receive HAMAINK either by mail or by e-mail, and wishes to be registered with the ACC-UK and to be included in the mailing list please email name, address and e-mail address and phone number to REGISTRATIONS@accc.org.uk  or write to:   ACC-UK Registrations, P.O.Box 46207, London W5 1XX.

Current members of the Editorial committee are:

  • Mr Zorik Gasparian – Chairman
  • Mr Stepan Tatulian
  • Miss Maral Jakeman
  • Mr Narbeh Minassian

For feed back or comments relating to the publication, please email HAMAINK@accc.org.uk


For downloadable archives and postal addresses, click here.