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New Armenia, new reality: Raffi Hovhannisyan considers it’s possible

New Armenia, new reality: Raffi Hovhannisyan considers it’s possible

“The forthcoming presidential elections are a real chance to have a new Armenia, where everyone will be equal before the law, to have a new reality, where the ‘vertical of power’ will not exist.” This is really possible,” presidential candidate Raffi Hovhannisyan assured during the meeting with voters.

Hovhannisyan again walked in Yerevan today, had meetings with residents of Erebuni and Malatsia Sebastia communities.

Raffi Hovhannisyan is confident he will win, if the elections are truly free and fair. In the first year of presidency Hovhannisyan promises to bring 250 billion AMD to the tax field, to save another 50 billion AMD thanks to the prevention of defalcation of budget resources.

“The elimination of monopoly and opening of a competitive market for all will ensure at least 10% economic growth. 600 thousand citizens will finally overcome the poverty,” Raffi Hovhannisyan assures.

The candidate promises new Constitution, new government and parliament systems in the coming five years. Besides, he pledges 180 jobs and assures that 180 thousand deprived families will move to the middle class.

“This is not romance, this is an imperative,” Hovhannisyan says.

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