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Ladies Committee/Տիկնայք Հանձնախումբ

The Ladies Committee forms the back bone to all committees and provides the necessary logistical and human support when needed. Part of its duties is to organize cultural and social events, receptions, bazars and gatherings to suit the church calendar and community events and to cater for a wide range of age groups.  The Ladies Committee is a very vibrant group of dedicated ladies and is fundamental instrument for raising much needed funds for the Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom. 

Current members of the committee are:


  • Mrs Zovig Haladjian – Chairlady
  • Mrs Stella Tarverdi – Secretary
  • Mrs Manoushak Tigranian – Treasurer
  • Ms Mariet Nazloomian – Accountant
  • Mrs Vera Harland
  • Mrs Mimik Keheyian
  • Mrs Peruz Vartanian
  • Mrs Heghineh Bedrossian
  • Mrs Tania Mikaelian
  • Mrs Noushik Bohdjalian
  • Mrs Eliz Jerejian
  • Mrs Liana Arakelian