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Homenetmen London

Established in 1979, Homenetmen’s London chapter has quickly become one of the most respected and successful Homenetmen Chapters in the world.

Homenetmen London is a voluntary organization and has been so historically. Currently our chapter boasts over 250 members and four active scouting, sports and youth events, in an Armenian community of no more than 7000. Our chapter represents a very important and active part of our community and it has played a vital role in the preservation of the Armenian culture within the Armenian youth in London.

Homenetmen as an organisation was established over 85 years ago in Constantinople by Shavarsh Krisian, Hovanness Hintilian and Krikor Hagopian.

The main purpose of this organisation has been twofold:

  • Outside school, Homenetmen has tried to produce Armenian Youth with a moral, physical and psychological education
  • It has tried to teach the youth the richness of the Armenian culture and heritage whilst preparing them to become outstanding and law-abiding citizens in the countries in which they reside.

If you have any questions then please email us here: enquiries@homenetmen.co.uk

For information on how to join us click here.

Homenetmen London – PO Box 45985 – London W3 0WH

Company Limited by Guarantee, Registration Nº 6350164

Charity Registration Nº 1121998