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Gourgen Margaryan’s spirit will never die: Caroline Cox

Gourgen Margaryan’s spirit will never die: Caroline Cox

Gourgen Margaryan’s spirit will never die: Caroline Cox

15:54, 28 September, 2013

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 28, ARMENPRESS. "Your heroes are true heroes,"
member of the British House of Lords Caroline Cox stated this
addressing the people of Armenia and Artsakh at the opening of the
monument dedicated to Armenian Officer murdered with an axe while
asleep by an Azerbaijani assassin Ramil Safarov. Among other things
Baroness Cox noted that she shares the grief of Gourgen Margaryan's
family and that she was shacked to know that Armenian officer was
murdered while asleep. As reports "Armenpress" among other things
Baroness Cox underscored: "I am a mother myself and I could not help
my tears when I learnt the way Your son was murdered. I was even more
shocked to know that the assassin was proclaimed a hero in
Azerbaijan. I am very worried about the future of Azerbaijan and the
way they educate their children, when they consider a murderer to be a

The monument dedicated to the memory of the axe-murdered Armenian
officer Gourgen Margaryan was opened in Yerevan. The monument was
erected in the park nearby the 52 Leningradyan Street.  Gourgen
Margaryan's relatives, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of
the Republic of Armenia, Deputies of the National Assembly of the
Republic of Armenia, and other higher officials attended the opening
ceremony of the aforesaid monument held on September 28.

Azerbaijani assassin Ramil Safarov, who axe-murdered Armenian officer
Gurgen Margaryan while sleeping with 16 blows, when they were
participating in NATO English Language Courses in the capital of
Hungary on February 19, 2004 in Budapest, was sentenced to life
imprisonment without right to be pardoned for 30 years. On August 31,
2012 Safarov was extradited from Hungary to Azerbaijan and was
pardoned by the President Ilham Aliyev. The murderer was advanced to
major, provided with an apartment and given title of "national hero"
and compensated for the 8 years of the imprisonment in Hungary.
Armenia suspended diplomatic relations with Hungary. The extradition,
pardoning and release of Safarov were condemned by many countries and
authoritative organizations of the world.



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