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Friends of Armenia

Friends of Armenia is a registered charity established in London since 2001, with the aim of helping Armenians living in their homeland to improve the quality of their life.

Friends of Armenia has twelve founding trustees, both Armenian and non-Armenian professionals, living in London.

Friends of Armenia follows in the footsteps of an older charity called by the same name, established in London by Lady Cavendish, Lord Bryce and other British dignitaries and public figures in 1897, subsequent to the massacres of Armenians in Zeytoun area of Turkey. The aim of this charity was to help the Armenian victims of these massacres, which they continued to do for 55 years until their dissolution in 1952.

Friends of Armenia of today has been founded to help the population of the newly independent Republic of Armenia to recover form the problems created by the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Friends of Armenia is registered in England and Wales under registration number 1089324