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Formation of ACEMC AID LEBANON Community Organisations Relief Aid Committee

Armenian Community Emergency Management Committee

Aid Lebanon Appeal

8th August 2020

The Armenian Community Council in unison with the Diocese of The Armenian Church of the UK and Ireland and the community organisations listed below express their solidarity with the Armenians of Lebanon following the devastating explosion that rocked Beirut on 4th August.  We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and the Armenian community across the whole of the country.  Undoubtedly, the impact of the blast has been widely felt in Europe and wherever else members of the Armenian Lebanese diaspora reside.

Following the invitation of the ACC UK, representatives of several Armenian organisations met on Thursday 6th August and unanimously agreed to unite in a fundraising effort to assist our compatriots who are in desperate need. Since then more organisations have pledged their support and joined the Armenian Community Emergency Management Committee (ACEMC) – Aid Lebanon Appeal.

The level of devastation that this tragedy has had on the lives of individual Lebanese Armenians who have been injured, lost family members or have seen their homes and businesses turn into rubble in a matter of seconds is beyond imagination. The health risks from exposure to nitrogen dioxide will also be of considerable concern.

It is evident that many of our community centres and institutions have sustained substantial damage, specifically those in Bourdj Hammoud; editorial offices of the Newspapers, community centres of several organisations and of course businesses and hospitals. The shockwaves of the blast impacted upon the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia and many other religious, cultural and educational institutions.

The explosion in Beirut happened at a time when our community in Lebanon has been enduring months of hardship from the unparalleled financial collapse of their economy, coupled with the difficulties posed by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The ACEMC Aid Lebanon appeal calls upon all community members to spare no effort to raise funds for our fellow Lebanese Armenians in their time of need.

All donations will be banked in a specific dedicated joint account shown below:Following initial reports of the disaster we engaged with our counterparts in Lebanon and have pledged our support to aid and assist the Armenian community in any way possible.

Account Name:           Armenian Community Council

Sort Code;                   40-06-19

Account No.:                41606786

You may also use the following link to our dedicated on-line donations services:


Complete transparency is guaranteed and the community will be updated with the fundraising tally on a weekly basis.

Funds raised will be transferred to the bank account specified by HH Aram Catholicos of Great House of Cilicia and reported to the community with immediate effect.


Bank: Banque pictet & Cie SA, Route des Acacias 60, CH-1211 Geneva 73

Account: M-502039

IBAN: CH61 08755 0502 0390 0300


All those wishing to assist with this critical fundraising effort are invited to join the ACEMC – Aid Lebanon Committee.  Some organisations have already initiated fundraising activity and we appreciate their intention to assist in the above cause.

ACEMC – Aid Lebanon Appeal Members:

  • Diocese of Armenian Churches of the UK and Ireland
  • Armenian Community Council of the UK
  • Centre of Armenian Information and Advice – CAIA
  • Armenian Medical Association of GB
  • Armenian Institute
  • Armenian House & Related Trusts
  • Anahit Association
  • Barkev Kassardjian SIS Trust
  • Tekeyan Cultural Association
  • Tekeyan Trust
  • Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association
  • Navasartian Trust
  • Nor Serount Cultural Association
  • Armenian Relief Society UK
  • Akhtamar Dance Group
  • Armenian Youth Federation
  • Armenian Lawyers Association
  • KCCA – Klingen Choir & Cultural Association
  • Kevork Tahta Armenian Sunday School
  • Armenian Language Saturday School
  • Social Democrat Henchakian Party
  • The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party
  • Armenian Revolutionary Federation

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