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For the First Time an Armenian Pavilion at the London Book Fair.

For the First Time an Armenian Pavilion at the London Book Fair.

The London Book Fair is opening its doors on 15 April, 2013 in Earl’s Court, London.

The Pavilion will provide a valuable platform, which has never been made available in this format before for the exhibitors and visitors from around the world, allowing them to network with global publishing communities. The Armenian Community and Church Council of Great Britain (www.accc.org.uk), with the support of the Armenian Embassy in London and the Ministry of Culture in Armenia, has facilitated the participation of the Armenian authors and publishers from Armenia and the Diaspora at the London Book Fair event.

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The London Book Fair is one of the world’s most prestigious events and as such it is an excellent opportunity for Armenian authors and publishers to showcase the Armenian culture and heritage through books and writings, which form part of a long standing tradition and culture. Last year Armenia was celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Armenian Printing, since the first Armenian publisher Hagop Meghapart established his printing house in Venice (1512), producing the first printed book “Urbatagirk” in Armenian language. Armenia’s participation in the London Book Fair is a natural continuation of that celebration and will mark another milestone in the advancement of Armenian literary world, establishing a long term collaboration and cooperation with the outer world.

The Armenian Pavilion will host Armenian publishers and authors from Armenia, United Kingdom, Lebanon and the United States of America.
Participants include:

  • Bookinist LTD (Armenia)
  • Zangak Publishing House (Armenia)
  • Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia Printing House (Lebanon)
  • Armenian Catholicosate of Etchmiadzin Printing House (Armenia)
  • Areg Publishing House (Armenia)
  • Edit Print LLC (Armenia)
  • Hamazkayin Printing& Publishing House (Lebanon)
  • Rouben Galichian (UK)
  • Nouritza Matossian (UK)
  • Rev. Dr. Vrej Nerses Nersessian (UK)
  • Nouneh Sarkissian (UK & Armenia)
  • Armenian Institute (UK)
  • Prof. Peter Balakian (US) – Books only
  • Richard Hovannisian (US) – Books only

The Armenian Pavilion will have the finest collection of hard-copy and electronic books ranging from children’s literature, fiction, religion, culinary recipes, and language learning material to historical books, including the Armenian Genocide and unveiling of historical truth by Rouben Galichian in his “Clashes of Histories in the South Caucasus”.

The key visitors will include literary agents, publishers, booksellers, library and information professionals, production, distribution, technical and creative professionals. The event will also hold educational seminars, conferences and workshops for the attendees. The London Book Fair will conclude on 17 April 2013.

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