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‘For Armenia’ A Charity in Armenia

‘For Armenia’ A Charity in Armenia

For Armenia” is a charitable non-governmental organisation, which was established in 2007 in Armenia and is run by the director Gayane Gevorgyan with the help of family, Zepyur and Ani Batikyans, friends and a group of dedicated volunteers. The purpose of the NGO is to support cultural and social projects in Armenia and to encourage individuals to fulfil their aspirations, and in the case of disadvantaged children, to bring delight and happiness into their lives.


For Armenia” implements various cultural, educational and health related projects, including provision of computers and special software to students with visual impairment and university graduates, provision of internet connection and computers to Fridtjof Nansen’s Children’s home in Gyumri, funding English tuition and performance arts classes, organisation of outings for children with special needs, procurement and supply of health related equipment for children with special needs and maternity hospitals and similar projects. “For Armenia” provides humanitarian aid to different regions of Armenia and cooperates with both local and international charitable organisations such as the Red-Cross, Umcor, Counterpart, IRD, Shirak Centre and others. It also works with governmental and public institutions, namely Municipalities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Culture, The Republican Rehabilitation Centre of Yerevan and the Conservatory.


Assisting children with special needs is one of the NGO’s priorities. The charity has been working on a number of projects with the Children’s Republican Rehabilitation Centre of Yerevan since 2009.  The children undergoing treatment at the centre come from various regions of Armenia, such as Kotayk, Gegharkunik, Armavir and Ararat. Thus, the aim of the organisation is to encompass in its activities children with special needs from different parts of Armenia.


Children undergoing treatment at the Rehabilitation Centre suffer from such conditions as cerebral palsy, double hemiparesis and spastic tetraparesis, which affect the muscles in one or more parts of the body, caused by damage or faulty development in part of the brain that controls movement and co-ordination. Depending on the type of cerebral palsy and the area of brain affected, patients may be unable to walk, move, talk, eat, or play in the same way as normal people. However, as with any other children, those youngsters who suffer from cerebral palsy have feelings and want to enjoy a childhood full of joy and excitement.

In the past “For Armenia” has organised a series of day trips and outings for children with disabilities to the Amusement Park Attractions, Zoo and Circus, which brought happiness and excitement to the kids and their parents. Many kids were visiting these places for the first time in their lives, making these trips a memorable part of their childhood.


This summer on June 17, 2014 Gayane Gevorgyan, the director of “For Armenia”, arranged a lecture on “Collage Making” and provided gift packs supplied by “Umcor” to children with special needs undergoing treatment at the Republican Rehabilitation Centre of Yerevan. Collage artist Karine Vardanyan carried out an exciting workshop at the centre, sharing her knowledge and expertise with children and their mothers, thus trying to foster interest in the process of creating art through collage.  Some of collage art works by Karine Vardanyan were exhibited at the centre, where the artist explained in detail how to create a collage and inspired children to start creating their own art works from useless and broken items such as buttons, keys, nuts, stones, shells, corn leaves and other items by using their vivid imagination. It was a happy day for the kids, who shared their excitement with the organisers and showed their gratitude by singing Armenian folk songs at the end of the event.

For further information on “For Armenia” projects please check the Past Projects section on: http://www.forarmenia.org  Contributions to “For Armenia” projects will be greatly appreciated, please contact Zepyur Batikyan on info@forarmenia.org or zepani@yahoo.com

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