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Community Council Presents Gift to Her Majesty the Queen

Community Council Presents Gift to Her Majesty the Queen



Gift to H M The Queen - 7 Aug 2013 - IMG_1556  crp (Small)On the occasion of the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee (2012) of the accession to the Throne of Her Majesty the Queen and the Diamond Jubilee (June 2013) of Her Majesty’s Coronation, on behalf of the British Armenian Community the Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom presented to the Queen, a silver bound, hand crafted replica of the manuscript Gospel of Catholicos Kastandin Barjrberdtsi dated 1248AD.


The original manuscript Bible is kept in the museum at the Holy See of Cilicia in Antilias. The Bible contains numerous illuminations and is considered to be one of the most valuable Gospels of the Armenian Church.


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The Gift was presented for the Queen at Buckingham Palace by a deputation from the Council comprising Mr Ara Palamoudian – Chairman, Mr Zorik Gasparian – Vice Chairman, Mrs Matilda Megerdichian and Mr Viken Haladjian.


233  cr + enh (Small)Accompanying the gift, was a booklet prepared by Avak Kahanah Rev. Dr. Nerses Nersessian giving a brief history of Cilician Armenia at the beginning of the Second Millenium and also a detailed study of the Manuscript and the individual Illuminations it contained.


[Please click this link to view the booklet in PDF]

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