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Community Contribution / Համայնքի ներդրումը

The Registration and Contributions Committee compiles and maintains an up-to-date community database and records all household memberships and contributions to generate the Electoral Register when needed. It provides analyses and breakdowns of financial revenues and forecasts, geographical densities and population distributions.

Registration on the Community Register is FREE and every Armenian living in the United Kingdom is encouraged to register.  The list provided the Community Council with vital information about the community, its number in the United Kingdom and is distribution in the U.K.

Registered members of the community are encouraged to make an annual contribution to the funds of the Council. This payment is absolutely voluntary, and is not in any way a requirement for registration.

In accordance with the Constitution of the community, the Council of the community is elected every five years, and those members f the community who have paid their Community Contribution are eligible to vote.

Electronic (PDF) copies of the Constitution of the Community may be obtained by application by email to accuk@accuk.org.uk

Families or persons residing in Great Britain who are not on the mailing list or who are moving premises, should notify the council of their current address and preferably electronic addresses by completing the form below and posting to ACCUK, PO Box 46207, London W5 1XX or by emailing it to REGISTRATIONS@accuk.org.uk

Current members of the committee are:

  • Mr Manouk Mikailian – Manager
  • Dr Setrag Karanfilian – Treasurer