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In these difficult times, while we are all asked to practice ‘Social Distancing’ and reframe from our usual social interactions, Armenian Community Council of UK would urge all our community members to pay special attention to their physical and mental wellbeing.
By doing so, not only we will minimise the possibility of catching and spreading the COVID-19 infection, we will also help to reduce the burden on the NHS, enabling their already stretched resources to be focused on those who need them the most.
We need to ensure our immune systems remain strong by eating health foods, fruits, (or vitamin supplements), exercise and remain physically and mentally active.
Although, we should avoid direct physical interactions outside of our households, it is important to stay in touch with other family members and friends by phone or through social media. This will help to reduce stress and any feeling of isolation, through sharing concerns and providing reassurances, etc.
If you know of ‘vulnerable’ individuals & families, who are on their own and might need assistance, please refer them to ACEMC team where our volunteers will be able to contact and provide support, when necessary.
It is important that our messages reach as many of our community members as possible. Therefore, please join and follow our FaceBook page and share these amongst all your community contacts.
You can reach the ACEMC team through any of the following contacts:

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