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Malatya Municipality demolishes Armenian place of worship

Malatya Municipality demolishes Armenian place of worship

This article was published 3rd February 2012 Officials from the Malatya Municipality have demolished three buildings, including a place of worship that was under renovation, located inside an Armenian cemetery […]

Ghosts and a Sole Survivor: A visit to a former Armenian district in Turkey

Reminding of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, abundant vegetation hangs like emerald bracelets in the stretching districts of Kayseri (Caesarea) in central Anatolia (modern Turkey). In such a district, Talas, […]

Armenians should form a united front before any negotiations with Turkey

Armenians should form a united front before any negotiations with Turkey

My latest column on Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s efforts to initiate a dialog with the Diaspora generated numerous reactions from both Armenians and Turks. Turkish newspapers, TV stations, and […]

Malatya: Post-Armenian life in modern Turkey’s once Armenian city

Armenian brothers Arman and Murad, who live in Turkey’s southeastern city of Malatya, open the doors of the 250-year-old Armenian Holy Trinity (Tashhoron) Church in the city’s Cavusoglu district and […]

U.S. ‘Still Pushing For Turkish-Armenian Normalization’

The United States is continuing to press Turkey to unconditionally normalize its relations with Armenia, the U.S. ambassador in Yerevan, John Heffern, said on Wednesday. “We still are very hopeful […]

How Should the Diaspora React to New Turkish Overtures?

I have been informed by reliable sources that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is continuing his efforts to initiate a personal “dialogue” with the diaspora on Armenian-Turkish issues. Earlier this […]

Turkish Publisher Ragip Zarakolu Honored by PEN

NEW YORK — At the annual Literary Gala held by PEN on May 1 at the Museum of Natural History, Istanbul publisher Ragip Zarakolu was the recipient of the annual […]

A Tale of Two Monuments

An Extremely Belated Anatomy of Two Radically Understudied Makings and One Unmaking The Armenian Weekly Magazine April 2012 PREAMBLE The annals of Turkish-Armenian “rapprochement,” “reconciliation,” “initiative,” and “dialogue” marked Jan. […]

The Reign of Lies in Turkey

The Reign of Lies in Turkey

Organized denial means the reign of lies. The denialist, in order to sustain denial, has to resolutely and incessantly lie. Otherwise it can’t go on. The truth, even bits of […]

Why Turkey should be thankful to Sarkozy?

Although Turkey, both at the level of the state establishment and the people in the street, is happy to say goodbye to Nicolas Sarkozy, the government may not immediately reverse […]

Sibel Edmonds Finally Wins

Sibel Edmonds’ new book, “Classified Woman,” is like an FBI file on the FBI, only without the incompetence. The experiences she recounts resemble K.’s trip to the castle, as told […]

Turkey’s Deceptive ‘Dialogue’ with Armenians Backfires

For many decades now, instead of taking the shortest route to settling the Armenian Question fairly and wisely, Turkey has opted for all kinds of deceptive tactics to defraud Armenians […]

Turkey Has Acknowledged the Armenian Genocide

“Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide” goes a jingle. Yes, the Turkish state’s official policy towards the Armenian Genocide was and is indeed characterized by the “three M’s”: misrepresentation, mystification, and […]

Genocide Commemorated in Turkey

Genocide Commemorated in Turkey

ISTANBUL—Hundreds gathered in Taksim Square Tuesday to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, reported Today’s Zaman. A sit-down gathering organized by the Say No to Racism and Nationalism […]

Armenian question: despair and hope

As a person who lives in Turkey day in and day out, sometimes I become very hopeful, and sometimes I find myself in such a pessimistic mood. And these two […]

AK Party Founding Member Apologizes for ‘Geno-Deportations’

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—A founding member of Turkey’s ruling AK Party called the Armenian genocide a “geno-deportation” and “personally” apologized in an interview with the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal. İsmet Uçma, […]

‘Your Demands are our Demands’: Turkish HR Group Sends Letters to Etchmiadzin, Antelias

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)–The Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association sent letters today to the Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II and the […]

Late President Turgut Özal worked to solve ‘Armenian genocide’ dispute

Late President Turgut Özal worked to solve ‘Armenian genocide’ dispute

With 19 years having passed since the death of former President Turgut Özal, known for his reformist policies, which paved the way for a more democratic and liberal Turkey, his […]

Revisiting the Turkification of Confiscated Armenian Assets

Revisiting the Turkification of Confiscated Armenian Assets

If one person murders another, then takes over that murdered person’s property and possessions, he would be living off the proceeds of his crime. Once authorities discover his crime, he […]

Turkey’s Foreign Minister in Search of ‘Soft’ Armenians

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s “man on the run,” has added to his extremely busy schedule the new task of travelling around the globe trying to recruit ‘sensible’ Armenians. Davutoglu […]