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$100,000 Raised by ARS, Inc. for Syrian Armenian Schools

$100,000 Raised by ARS, Inc. for Syrian Armenian Schools

The Central Executive Board of the Armenian Relief Society, Inc. announced that $100,000 in pledged donations have been received from its entities around the world to benefit its “Fund for Assistance to Syrian-Armenian Schools”. The first installment of these donations will be transferred to the Armenian Relief Cross of Syria in the next few days […]

Big Armenian Heart: An Interview with the ‘Strongest Man of Germany’

Born in Iran to Armenian parents, Patrik Baboumian always knew he wanted to become an international strongman. One of his fondest memories with his father, now deceased, was watching the Incredible Hulk rip off his shirt and magically transform into a green robust monster. At the age of seven, the hopeful athlete moved with his […]

Casual Eatery in Harvard Square Stands Test of Time

Casual Eatery in Harvard Square Stands Test of Time

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (A.W.)—Known for its funky, artsy social culture, coupled with a modern take on traditional comfort food, Leo’s Place Diner in Harvard Square has been dishing it up to locals and tourists alike for the past six decades. Autographed pictures of actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, and singers cover all four walls, which are liberally […]

To Infinity and Beyond: Armenians in the Mars Rover Curiosity Project

To Infinity and Beyond: Armenians in the Mars Rover Curiosity Project

Since the beginning of time, Space has been a source of mystery for man—a mystery they sought to decipher. Thanks to the scientific curiosity of Ptolemy, Galileo Galilee, and Isaac Newton, man has discovered numerous planets, landed on the Moon, and has even captured ancient images of space with the Hubble telescope that shine light […]

Two Armenians Killed in Syria

ALEPPO, Syria (, — Two Syrian-Armenians have been killed in Damascus and Aleppo in recent days as a result of clashes between Syria’s governmental forces and rebels. A 76-year-old woman, Adelina Khacheryan, was shot dead accidentally on August 17, while on August 18, a 38- year-old Armenian was killed in Damascus. A spokesman for […]

Romanticizing the future of the Syrian Armenians

During these hot summer days that the US media calls the “silly season,” the Turkish media covers the situation of the Armenian diaspora in Syria indifferently. Oddly enough in Syria, where 60,000 Armenians live, not a single Armenian media organization has appointed a permanent representative or correspondent. Inexplicably, none of the Armenian journalists who wrote […]

Syrian-Armenians Accuse Reporters in Armenia for Making Unfounded Statements

A group of Syrian-Armenians who have recently arrived in Armenia have taken the local press to task for making unwanted and unfounded remarks about the situation of the Armenian community in Syria. What follows is their statement. A reporter from Armenia, who had recently visited Haleb, , organized a press conference upon returning to Yerevan […]

One Man’s Attempt to Capture Ethiopian Armenians’ Dying Legacy

One Man’s Attempt to Capture Ethiopian Armenians’ Dying Legacy

“TEZETA is a song form famous in Ethno-Jazz. In Amharic (the language of Ethiopia), it translates to ‘my memory,’ but it means much more. It conveys a sense of nostalgia that can be lost in translation,” describes Aramazt Kalayjian, an independent documentary filmmaker living and working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His documentary, “TEZETA [The Ethiopian […]

The Power of a ‘Losh’ Kebab

Today’s question is one that bears a little scrutiny. Granted, it doesn’t have the impact of a presidential election or the fluctuating economy, but it does hold its place in society. “What’s round and plump, sizzles on a grill, carries the lineage of generations, and still has magnetic appeal?” If you said a juicy sirloin, […]

Navasartian Games Closing Ceremonies Elevates Community to New Heights

Navasartian Games Closing Ceremonies Elevates Community to New Heights

VAN NUYS—Of the many events that surround Homenetmen’s Navasartian Games, the closing ceremony, held each year on the last day of the festival, represents the pinnacle of the achievements of Navasartian. This year’s closing ceremony of the 37th Navasartian Games was held on Saturday, July 7 at Birmingham High School before thousands of Homenetmen members […]

Boys’ Team of Armenian College, Kolkata Wins The Centenary Plate

Boys’ Team of Armenian College, Kolkata Wins The Centenary Plate

On 7th July, Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin’s Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA), Kolkata, India, Rugby Team recorded an impressive victory over Maidan Hazards in the Finals of the tournament for the Centenary Plate. On the 23rd June, in the Plate semifinals, the Armenian boys beat Frank Anthony Public School with a score of […]

An old established Armenian business in Istanbul

An old established Armenian business in Istanbul

One of the oldest established Armenian businesses in Istanbul, BerKac has survived the political and economic turmoil in Turkey, yet it has remained steadfast serving its community that it was established for. Like many family run businesses, it has undergone the traditional business transition of handing over from father to child, or in this case […]

Q&A with Singer, Songwriter Tamar Kaprielian

NEW YORK (A.W.)–Weekly contributor Lori Cinar recently had the chance to interview Tamar Kaprelian, a budding singer-songwriter originally from Arizona whose new album, “California,” was released on June 19. Read on to find out about her life, influences, and plans for the future. Lori Cinar: Where are you originally from? Where do you live now? […]

AYF Olympics Braces for Tidal Wave

Visitors sitting poolside at this year’s Boston AYF Olympics could very well get caught up in a Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” tsunami. Expected to compete this year is a K-T trio unlike anything the organization has ever seen. All three have qualified to participate in the USA Olympic Trials in an attempt to make the swim […]

International Community Places the Final Nail on the Coffin of Turkish Denialism

For nearly a century, Turkey has been aggressively spending millions of dollars in the international arena in order to push forward its denialist agenda on the Armenian Genocide. Besides monetary resources, Ankara has been making major efforts to bully various nations away from recognition of the Genocide. But all the expenditures and efforts continue to […]

Trade secrets of oldest family firm in US

  Nearly 400 years ago, in 1623, Avedis Zildjian founded a cymbal-manufacturing company in Istanbul. Now run by 14th generation family member Craigie Zildjian, along with her sister Debbie, the company has outlasted empires, survived a move overseas to the US, and thrived during the economic turmoil of the Great Depression and two World Wars. […]

Armenian Assassin’s Parole Pushed as Issue in D.A. Race

The case of Hampig Sassounian has been a cause celebre within the local Armenian community for nearly 30 years. In 1982, Sassounian and an accomplice assassinated the Turkish consul general, in an act of revenge for the Armenian genocide. Sassounian was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. But ever since, a dedicated […]

Americans Become Familiar with Sun-Ni Armenian String Cheese

PHILADELPHIA — For many Armenians, food is one of the most fundamental elements of their identity. Thus, making Armenian food accessible and known in the United States contributes in a modest way toward preserving an aspect of Armenian culture, and Monica Whitcomb and the Sun-Ni Cheese Company play a role in that process. The Sun-Ni […]

Film Attempts to Document Armenia’s Influence on Europe

WATERTOWN — A new film by history buff Arsen Hakobyan of Armenia intends to put into perspective Armenia’s influence on Europe, both in terms of export- ing Christianity, as well as exporting its church architecture and numerous saints. The film, shot on location in Armenia as well as in Georgia and several European countries, gives […]

Armenian Power is “Like a Marriage of the Old Italian Mafia and Street Gangs”

Interview with Martin Estrada, from the Criminal Division of the Office of the U.S. Attorney General (U.S. Department of Justice) In particular, what kind of offences are Armenians involved in? Obviously I am not an expert in all things, crime involving people of Armenian descent. I can only talk about the experiences that I had […]