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BREAKING NEWS: Sarkisian Agrees to Discuss Hovannisian’s ‘Power Sharing’ Proposal

BREAKING NEWS: Sarkisian Agrees to Discuss Hovannisian’s ‘Power Sharing’ Proposal
Serge Sarkisian
Serge Sarkisian

YEREVAN (A.W.)—In a letter addressed to Barevolution leader Raffi Hovannisian, President Serge Sarkisian advised the former to put an end to his hunger strike, and then discuss, “without shows,” the “raw” text proposed by Hovannisian.

Hovannisian’s text “will help in starting constructive dialogue,” said Sarkisian. “I am happy that you have expressed readiness to take oversight responsibilities worthy of a strong opposition, and in that issue it seems that we hold similar views. I am confident that if we start working together, with the same goal in mind, we can achieve results.”

Sarkisian concluded, “I advise you to stop your hunger strike, rest and recover for a couple of days, and we, paper and pen in hand, can start working—without shows—working seriously, accepting as basis the text—albeit very raw—that you yourself proposed.”

The document, distributed by Hovannisian’s campaign headquarters reads:

A. The immediate holding of new presidential elections; or

B. The sharing of power between the authorities and the people

1. The holding, by the end of the year, of snap parliamentary elections. The implementation, before then, of revisions in the Election Code—to eliminate the majoritarian electoral system and to realize a transition to a completely proportional system; to allow for the publication of lists of citizens who actually voted; to reinstate the political-party principle in the formation of the Central Election Commission and district election commissions; to secure the participation of citizens living abroad or to ensure the removal of their names from the voter lists.

2. The removal of at least five regional governors, to be replaced by candidates proposed by Raffi K. Hovannisian.

3. The removal of all city and village mayors who violated the law and their own authority in falsification of the outcome of the February 18 elections.

4. The prosecution of all election falsifiers, including governors, mayors, party organizers, and other officials.

5. The appointment of candidates proposed by Raffi K. Hovannisian to head the following ministries and government offices:

a. Prosecutor General

b. Tax and Customs

c. National Security

d. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

e. Education and Science

f. Oversight Chamber

g. Justice Council

h. Anti-Corruption Commission

This contract is indivisible and is subject to bilateral signature. Its provisions shall remain in force until the conclusion of the snap parliamentary elections.

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