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Be Armenian: An Armenian Themed Mobile App

‘Be Armenian’  – Mobile App

:: The ‘Be Armenian’ project began shortly before the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. The first collection of wallpapers entitled “Remember and Demand,” were created in commemoration of the genocide. It portrayed the Forget-Me-Not flower, a floral depiction which became the symbol for the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It was from this that the idea for the ‘Be Armenian’ project grew, with a higher number of Armenian themed wallpapers added to the application, representing both the culture and language.

The selection of wallpapers for the ‘Be Armenian’ application are linked to one another; each one represents a feeling of a right to a homeland and are meant to match different moments, feelings, and celebrations in an Armenian individual’s life. Each wallpaper and greeting card is personal but also connected to a greater feeling of Armenian identity. Careful thought was taken to ensure that each collection featured in the ‘Be Armenian’ application would represent the very best of Armenia. The ‘Be Armenian’ application is currently available for download at the Apple Store.

Editor’s Note: We do not know whether there is a charge for App Download. PLEASE VERIFY BEFORE DOWNLOADING.

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