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AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ Effort Helps Artsakh Veterans

AYF’s ‘With Our Soldiers’ Effort Helps Artsakh Veterans

Gharib Karapetyan from Echmiadzin, who joined the liberation struggle when he was 21, talks about his experiences during the war and sends a message to the Diasporan youth. The assistance from the With Our Soldiers campaign came in the form of a specially retrofitted car, which will enable this freedom fighter to find a job and become a fully-integrated member of the society.

Having joined the liberation struggle in its beginning stages, Garnik Madinyan suffered a minor eye injury which turned into a big problem due to years of neglect. The surgery funded by AYF’s “With Our Soldiers” campaign helped restore his deteriorating vision and give this freedom fighter renewed hope for a better future.

The Armenian Youth Federation dedicated 2012 to the Armenian Freedom Fighter (Azadamardik).

The AYF will continue to raise money to help assist the medical needs of veterans of the Artsakh war. The organization will also be raising awareness about the history, key events, figures, and developments in the Artsakh liberation struggle and lend its support to advocacy efforts aimed at ensuring freedom and security in the region.

With almost daily threats of renewed hostilities from Azerbaijan and regular gunfire across the ceasefire line, it is essential that we honor those who have and continue to fight for the Armenian nation’s freedom.

The time is now for us to stand up together and reinforce Artsakh in the hearts and minds of everyone in our community.

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