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Armenia’s Syria Aid Already Being Distributed

Armenia’s Syria Aid Already Being Distributed
Volunteers unloading supplies which arrived in Aleppo
Volunteers unloading supplies which arrived in Aleppo

ALEPPO (Yerkir Media)—The cargo of humanitarian assistance delivered to Syria by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-led “Help Your Brother” effort is already being distributed to Armenians and Syrians in crisis-ravaged Aleppo, organizers said.

The first plane carrying relief supplies to Syria from Armenia landed safely at the Aleppo airport Monday after stopping for a scheduled inspection in Erzerum, organizers reported. The plane carrying supplies was operated by AIR Armenia company.

The supplies, which arrived late Monday at the Aram Manougian center, were greeted by the Prelate of Syria Bishop Shahan Sarkisian and Armenia’s Consul General to Aleppo Karen Grigoryan, as well as countless volunteers.


Aleppo Mayor Muhammed Wahid Aakand said the aid was another sign of continued friendship between Armenia and Syria and thanked Armenia and the Armenian people for the assistance.

The Red Crescent director in Aleppo, Hayil Asan said that in cooperation with the Armenian Embassy and the Prelacy of the Armenian Church supplies slated for Syrian residents has been sorted.

The “Help Your Brother” initiative has received wide support from people and organizations operating in Armenia and Artsakh (the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) to assist the Armenian community in Syria. The “Help Your Brother” campaign is aimed at providing assistance from the people of Armenia to the people of Syria.

The following organizations and individuals have participated in the “Help Your Brother” effort thus far:

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Village Assistance Fund
15,000 kg of assorted grains
5,052 bottles of olive oil
1,000 kg pasta
5,400 packages of jam

Aleks Grig Company
5,000 kg granulated sugar
5,000 kg rice
5,000 bottles of oil

ArtFood Company
3,000 canned goods

Ashtarak Gat Company
10,000 boxes of cheese
2,000 powdered milk

Armenia’s Agriculture University
1,000 kg cheese

Marianna Company
500 kg powdered milk

SAS Group Company
160 cans of fish
500 cans of peas
24 containers of pasta
2 containers of candy
2 containers of tea

The Grand Holding Company provided the containers and packaging components.

Since Sept 19, the “Help Your Brother” campaign has deposited the following amounts into its account:

Gagig Tsarukian Foundation 1 million drams
Karabakh Telecon 5 million drams
Mik Metal Company 2 million drams
Armswissbank 1 million drams
ArmRosGazprom Executive Director Vartan Harutiunian 1 million drams
Rouben Surenyan 200,000 drams
Karen Movsisyan 200,000 drams
Garegin Arakelyan 200,000 drams
Hrant Tatevosyan 200,000 drams
Khatchatour Baghdasaryan 200,000 drams
Sarkis Ohanian 200,000 drams
Proton Company 500,000 drams
Isotope Delta Company 500,000 drams
Sebastia Clinci and Elen-Nare Childbirth center 210,000 drams
Harval Machinery 200,000 drams
Noushikian Association 150,000 drams
Garegin Noushikyan 50,000 drams
Republical Part Parliamentary bloc 849,160 drams
Country of Law Parliamentary bloc 60,000 drams
ARF Parliamentary bloc 56,000 drams
Anahit Avagyan 60,000 drams
Maral Hasrdjian 40,000 drams
Armen Martirosian 10,000 drams
Harutiun Tsatryan 5,000 drams
Nariman Smbatyan 2,000 drams

At the onset of the “Help Your Brother” effort, the ARF Bureau, in collaboration with Syrian-Armenian benefactors raised $32,700, which was distributed to 327 needy families in Aleppo.

The Armenian Relief Society, the Hamazkayine, Armenia’s National Scouting Organization (Homenetmen of Armenia), the Armenian Youth Federation and the ARF Badanegan “Nigol Aghbalian” organization, as well as Global Armenian Response rescue organization collaborated on the “Help Your Brother” campaign.

Viva Cell MTS sponsored a text messaging donation campaign, the amounts raised from which will be allocated to the “Help Your Brother” effort.

He ArpiMed Company has assisted in the collection of pharmaceutical donations, while the Pyunic Foundation has had a major role in organizing the humanitarian flight to Aleppo.

Helping the many young volunteers to load the plane were employees of the customs service at the Zvartnots International Airport.

The organizers of the “Help Your Brother” campaign also extended their gratitude to the ArmEximBank for its pro-bono accounting services to the effort.

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