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Armenian Review Appoints New Assistant Editor, Publishes Recent Issue

Armenian Review Appoints New Assistant Editor, Publishes Recent Issue

Armenian Review Appoints New Assistant Editor, Publishes Recent Issue


Dr. Talar Chahinian joins the Armenian Review as assistant editor

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Spring-Summer 2013 issue of the Armenian Review was published earlier this month. The most recent issue includes articles ranging from historic textual analysis to current political issues.

In the first article of the current issue, Albert Stepanyan reexamines and analyzes sections from Moses Khorenati’s History of the Armenians. The analysis not only focuses on the content of the sections from the Khorenati’s work, but also dwells into epistemological and semantic interpretations of the work by looking at Greek and other Armenian sources.

The second piece, authored by Rouben Shougarian, is an account of a diplomat’s assessment of Turkish-Armenian Track I and II diplomacies. The piece offers a survey of bilateral relations and the context in which the two countries attempted to have rapprochement and normalization of relation but without much success.

The third and fourth pieces are a dialogue between Taner Akçam on the one hand and Uğur Ümit Üngör and Mehmet Polatel on the other. The dialogue starts with a review essay by Akçam examining and critiquing Üngör’s and Polatel’s book Confiscation and Destruction: The Young Turk Seizure of Armenian Property. In the lengthy essay, Akçam tries to deconstruct and point out some of the issues which make the book problematic. In their response, Üngör and Polatel respond to the critique and go even further by providing more detailed explanations about their research and methodology. This exchange should prove to be quite interesting for our readership as it is not often that scholars working on Armenian issues engage in a critique of their work in an academic forum.

The recent issue of the journal also features book reviews and review essays by Levon Chorbajian, who reviewed four books dealing with the Armenian Genocide and its aftermath; Lerna Ekmekcioglu whose review essay of the book dealing with the memoirs of Levon Yotnakhparian provides a unique insight into the life of a prolific individual and helps re-read those memories in the context of Armenian Genocide literature; Levon Saryan’s review of a recent book on Tigranes II and Vartan Matiossian’s review of Garegin Nzdeh’s selected works, complete this quite diverse issue.

The latest issue of the Armenian Review is also one that welcomes Dr. Talar Chahinian to the editorial team as an assistant editor. Dr. Chahinian holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from UCLA and lectures in the Department of Comparative World Literature at California State University, Long Beach. Her current book project examines the Western Armenian literary tradition within the World Literature model, by comparatively analyzing the Post-WWI and Post-WWII literary centers of Paris and Beirut, respectively, and their intellectual exchange with literary and journalistic institutions in Soviet Armenia, North America, and the greater Middle-East. She contributes regularly to the online journal, Critics’ Forum, and directs the Saroyan Project, which works to enhance Armenian language instruction in Chamlian Armenian School in Southern California. Dr. Chahinian’s joining of the Review team will expand the journal’s geographic reach as well as its academic disciplinary horizons.

The current issue of the Armenian Review may be ordered by itself or as part of a subscription to the journal from its website, www.armenianreview.org. All subscription, order, and renewal inquiries should be addressed to the publisher by writing to the Armenian Review, Inc., 80 Bigelow Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472-2012; by emailing orders@armenianreview.org; or by calling (617) 926-4037.


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