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Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee (2015)

Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee (2015)

We are grateful to Her Excellency Mrs K. Kazinian, the Armenian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, for hosting on Wednesday the 25th of April, 2012, the meeting of representatives from Armenian organisations in the U.K. and for putting into motion the establishment of the above Committee.

There were 43 organisations represented at the meeting, and we would like to thank all present for attending, and taking part.

After her welcoming words, Ambassador Kazinian read a message from the President of Armenia informing of the establishment of the Genocide Centenary Coordination Committee and urging all communities of the Diaspora to form special committees to commemorate the Centenary. After some discussions between those present, Ambassador Kazinian handed over the running of the meeting to the Armenian Community & Church Council representatives present and withdrew.

Discussions continued after the departure of Her Excellency, and culminated in those present agreeing to a committee numbering about fifteen comprising single representatives from the three main political parties (ARF, Ramgavar & Huntchakian), the ACCC and representatives from those organisations and committees who wish to take part in the Centenary Committee, to join CRAG representatives, and to form the centenary Commemoration Committee.

A list of potential committee members was prepared as listed below. The names of the committee members taking part in the Centenary Committee will be announced after the first meeting of the Committee, when each organisation has officially confirmed the name of its participating member:
ARF, Ramgavar Party, Hunchakian Party, ACCC, A.N.C., AGBU, Ararat Heritage, Armenian Institute, Armenian Medical Association, AYF Khanasor, CAIA, CRAG, Hamazkayin Armenian Educational & Cultural Society, HMEM Armenian Scouting Association of England, Armenian Relief Society of GB, K. Tahta Armenian Community Sunday School, Tekeyan Cultural Association, also Mrs O. Bazil, Secretary of the BAAPPG.

The ACCC will be inviting the above to the first meeting of the Centenary Committee planned to take place on Wednesday, 23rd May, 2012.

Yours faithfully,
V. Haladjian
Chairman, Executive Committee of the ACCC.

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