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Armenia and EU Initial Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement

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PRESS RELEASE FROM European Friends of Armenia

A starting gun for new growth: Armenia and EU initial Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement

Today, Armenia and the European Union (EU) formally initialled the text of their new Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement. The Agreement deserves the adjective “comprehensive” as it combines a wide array of substantial cooperation areas:

  1. political and legal questions: enhancing the commonly agreed goals in foreign policy, fight against terror, human rights and the rule of law
  2. sectoral cooperation in economic and political areas: such as IT, transport, communication, financial services, tourism, investments, research
  3. trade and investment: focussing on removing a number of technical and other barriers of trade, while guarding the full conformity of Armenia’s commitments within the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and the EU’s own commitments within its trading bloc.

“This is a starting gun for international investors and the worldwide Armenian business community: Armenia now has all chances to become an stronghold of reliability in the region, and an ideal hub for all who want to trade from Vladivostok to Lisbon.” says Dr Michael Kambeck, Acting Director of European Friends of Armenia (www..orgEuFoA). “This is an agreement where nobody loses and, if properly implemented, there will be only winners, inside and  outside Armenia, from simple workers to established businessmen. They all should know this and have the strongest motivation to promote the implementation.”

The move comes after negotiations started in December 2015, combining and enhancing a number of goals formerly agreed between the two sides in the 1999 EU-Armenia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, in the Association Agreement abandoned in 2014, and a number of new aspects relevant for the socio-economic and political development. On 28 February 2017, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and EU Council President Donald Tusk announced the conclusion of the negotiations during a visit in Brussels.

EuFoA is an international non-governmental organisation which seeks to build bridges between Armenian and European decision makers in the fields of politics, business and culture, and supports Armenia’s further integration into European political, economic, and social structures.

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