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Armenian Medical Association – GB


The Armenian Medical Association of Great Britain




The AMA-GB brings together Armenians in Great Britain who work in the health sector or who support the aims of the organisation. We exist to promote health initiatives for Armenians in Great Britain and the Republic of Armenia and to support professionals and volunteers working in health care, whether here or abroad.



  1. To bring to the attention of the Armenian community in Great Britain health matters of a general nature as well as those specific to Armenians and of relevant health service facilities.
  2. To help overseas Armenian health care professionals seeking training or a career in Great Britain, by advising and directing them to appropriate resources.
  3. To respond to requests for advice from individual practitioners and organizations in RA on health service development, clinical matters and education in health care.
  4. To affiliate to and participate in the activities of the Armenian Medical International Committee (AMIC).
  5. Liaise with other Armenian community organizations in Great Britain
  6. To organise educational and social events


Currently, three events are held each year:

Winter Hagopian Memorial Lecture

Spring The Spring Lecture

Summer Social event.


For more information and notices of current activities, visit our website