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Romanticizing the future of the Syrian Armenians

During these hot summer days that the US media calls the “silly season,” the Turkish media covers the situation of the Armenian diaspora in Syria indifferently. Oddly enough in Syria, where 60,000 Armenians live, not a single Armenian media organization has appointed a permanent representative or correspondent. Inexplicably, none of the Armenian journalists who wrote […]

Unknown Armin Wegner: new research on one of Genocide’s key eyewitnesses

Yerevan – A new publication on Armin T. Wegner, the German medic within the Sixth Turkish Army led by General Colmar von der Goltz, has been published by Dr. Tigran Sarukhanyan, the Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography. One of the key eyewitness chroniclers of […]

104-year-old man issued with Armenian citizenship

104-year-old man issued with Armenian citizenship

ETCHMIADZIN. – The Marshal Baghramyan village oldest resident, 104-year-old Movses Dermishyan was solemnly issued with the citizenship of Armenia handed over by the Etchmiadzin passport and visa department head Andranik Adamyan on Friday, police information service reports. The oldest resident of Etchmiadzin has witnessed two world wars and the genocide. He was born in 1908 […]

Armenian Villages on Shaky Ground

Voghjaberd is a village without much of a future. Sitting on an area subject to frequent land slippage, and at risk from rocks tumbling down from higher ground, the houses here seem destined to collapse sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. Home to just over 1,000 people, this village in Armenia’s […]

Armeno-Kurdish Relations: Love Fest or Divorce Settlement Meetings?

Like a first date with a potential lover or a last meeting to settle divorce property with an ex, Armenian and Kurdish individuals are in a fest, both knowing full well that negative feelings hover over the canopy under which they are sipping champagne. Both sides, dealing from a position of weakness, manage to create […]

Armenian Olympians: Ancient Olympiads to London 2012

Long before Baron Pierre de Coubertin, after a nearly 1200-year hiatus, organized the Modern Olympics of “Athens 1896,” the Ancient Olympics that began in 776 B.C. honored countless athletes every four years, including some famous Armenians. Among them, Prince Varazdat Arshakuni (Վարազդատ in Armenian; Latinized as Varastades), later King of Armenia, was the last known […]

Turks Counter High School Genocide Classes

Just when you think life has dealt you a pat hand, along comes a conniver to steal your pot. For the past four years, members of our Armenian Genocide Education Committee of Merrimack Valley have filtered in and out of high schools north of Boston. We have also expanded our reach to include schools around […]

Is Western Condemnation of Cultural Destruction Reserved Exclusively for Enemies?

Is Western Condemnation of Cultural Destruction Reserved Exclusively for Enemies?

International organizations, Western governments, and mainstream media are vociferously outraged–and rightfully so–over the recent destruction of majestic Sufi Muslim shrines by Islamist extremists in Timbuktu, Mali, mirroring the reaction to the Taliban’s 2001 demolition of two beautiful Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. The violators of cultural rights in both instances are anti-Western, al-Qaeda-linked groups, and […]