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Armenians Prepare Special Welcome for Aliyev in New York

How could the war-mongering president of Azerbaijan be permitted to chair the UN Security Council, the august body that is supposed to promote peace and security in the world? Unfortunately, such an outrage is possible simply because it is Azerbaijan’s turn to take over the rotating chairmanship of the Security Council in the month of […]

AK Party Founding Member Apologizes for ‘Geno-Deportations’

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—A founding member of Turkey’s ruling AK Party called the Armenian genocide a “geno-deportation” and “personally” apologized in an interview with the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal. İsmet Uçma, a member of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, added: “Their pain is our pain.” The parliament member noted that although the Committee of Union and Progress […]

Shoah Foundation Director Discusses Digitization of Survivor Testimonies

The University of Southern California (USC) Institute of Armenian Studies’ Leadership Council on Sun., April 15 will honor the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for championing the Armenian Genocide Digitization Project at a gala banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The Shoah Foundation Institute, established by Steven Spielberg in 1994, has been a part of the […]

2015: A Rededication or a Last Hurrah?

  For nearly a century our survivors of the Meds Yeghern (Great Catastrophe) have suffered the psychological and emotional trauma of the first genocide of the modern era. The effect of the genocide has long since passed the point where recognition by Turkey can erase the emotional scars that have become part of the Armenian […]

Media Watchdog In Rare Praise Of Armenian Election Coverage

Media Watchdog In Rare Praise Of Armenian Election Coverage

The news coverage of Armenia’s leading broadcasters has become considerably more objective and impartial since the official start of campaigning for the March 6 parliamentary elections, an independent media watchdog said on Wednesday. The Yerevan Press Club praised the country’s eight largest TV stations and Armenian Public Radio as it presented an interim report on […]