Daily Archives: Friday, 6 April, 2012

Armenia: For Criticism-Averse Army, the Pen is as Threatening as the Sword

A free speech debate is flaring in Armenia, touched off by an official investigation into a collection of short stories that casts the Armenian army in unflattering light. Civil rights activists say the incident reflects the military establishment’s intolerance of any form of criticism, a situation that poses obvious problems from the democratization process. Military […]

Crying Wolf: A Misguided Canine Extermination Campaign or Sheep Protection?

In the Caucasus, villagers and wolves are currently locked in a deadly zero-sum game. With the recent cold snap in Armenia, some wolves began targeting livestock. Reports indicate that the damage was sometimes considerable, with over a dozen sheep from a single herd killed in some of these attacks. The government on Feb. 9 announced […]