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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee (2015)

We are grateful to Her Excellency Mrs K. Kazinian, the Armenian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, for hosting on Wednesday the 25th of April, 2012, the meeting of representatives from […]

Poll: Campaign brings Republican Party to pole position and consolidates Heritage Party

Today, European Friends of Armenia (www.EuFoA.org) publishes the results of its poll titled Last Assessment of Pre-Electoral Armenia. This TNS opinion supervised poll with an error margin of ±2,4% was […]

Border shootings amid campaign: Will Azeri bullets leave traces on Armenian elections?

Most Armenian parties contesting seats in the National Assembly in the May 6 elections say the recent escalation of tensions along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border won’t disrupt the normal course of […]

Դկտ. Տ.Ներսես ավագ քհն. Ներսեսյանի ուղերձը Ապրիլյան հուշ-երեկոյին

Դկտ. Տ.Ներսես ավագ քհն. Ներսեսյանի ուղերձը Ապրիլյան հուշ-երեկոյին

Այսօր, մեր սրտերը ծով վշտով լցված, հոգեկան ծանր ապրումներով ոգեկոչում ենք հիշատակն այն ահավոր ողբերգության, որն սկիզբ առավ 1894 թ. արյունարբու Սուլթան Աբդուլ Համիդի օրով՝ Սասունի ջարդով եւ շարունակվեց տասնյակ […]

Assyrian Genocide Memorial Unveiled in Yerevan

Assyrian Genocide Memorial Unveiled in Yerevan

YEREVAN (A.W.)—The official dedication of the Assyrian Genocide memorial on Nalbandyan Street in Yerevan took place on April 25, a day after Armenians worldwide commemorated the 97thanniversary of the Armenian […]

Turkey Has Acknowledged the Armenian Genocide

“Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide” goes a jingle. Yes, the Turkish state’s official policy towards the Armenian Genocide was and is indeed characterized by the “three M’s”: misrepresentation, mystification, and […]

Genocide Commemorated in Turkey

Genocide Commemorated in Turkey

ISTANBUL—Hundreds gathered in Taksim Square Tuesday to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, reported Today’s Zaman. A sit-down gathering organized by the Say No to Racism and Nationalism […]

Armenian Genocide and ANZAC Day

Every year on the 25th of April, New Zealand and Australia commemorate ANZAC day. This day was chosen as it was the first day of the ill fated Gallipoli campaign […]

Armenian question: despair and hope

As a person who lives in Turkey day in and day out, sometimes I become very hopeful, and sometimes I find myself in such a pessimistic mood. And these two […]

Surviving the Armenian Genocide: My Grandfather’s Story

April 24th marks the 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Armenians mark this date in 1915, when several hundred Armenian leaders were rounded up, arrested and later executed as the […]

Armenians Prepare Special Welcome for Aliyev in New York

How could the war-mongering president of Azerbaijan be permitted to chair the UN Security Council, the august body that is supposed to promote peace and security in the world? Unfortunately, […]

AK Party Founding Member Apologizes for ‘Geno-Deportations’

ANKARA, Turkey (A.W.)—A founding member of Turkey’s ruling AK Party called the Armenian genocide a “geno-deportation” and “personally” apologized in an interview with the Turkish daily newspaper Radikal. İsmet Uçma, […]

Shoah Foundation Director Discusses Digitization of Survivor Testimonies

The University of Southern California (USC) Institute of Armenian Studies’ Leadership Council on Sun., April 15 will honor the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for championing the Armenian Genocide Digitization Project […]

2015: A Rededication or a Last Hurrah?

  For nearly a century our survivors of the Meds Yeghern (Great Catastrophe) have suffered the psychological and emotional trauma of the first genocide of the modern era. The effect […]

Media Watchdog In Rare Praise Of Armenian Election Coverage

Media Watchdog In Rare Praise Of Armenian Election Coverage

The news coverage of Armenia’s leading broadcasters has become considerably more objective and impartial since the official start of campaigning for the March 6 parliamentary elections, an independent media watchdog […]

Obama Again Avoids the Word ‘Genocide’ Despite Campaign Promise to Contrary

On the fourth Armenian Remembrance Day of his presidency, President Obama has for the fourth time in a row broken his promise to the Armenian community to use the word […]

Armenians mark genocide remembrance day

Armenians mark genocide remembrance day

MK Eldad: Turkey can’t extort Israel not to recognize massacre since we have no relationship. Armenians in Jerusalem and around the world marked Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day on Tuesday with […]

Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day: Confronting Denialism

During the Armenian genocide in 1915, an unknown number of young Armenians survived because they were adopted as daughters and sons of Muslim families. Many lived the rest of their […]

‘Your Demands are our Demands’: Turkish HR Group Sends Letters to Etchmiadzin, Antelias

ISTANBUL, Turkey (A.W.)–The Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of the Istanbul Branch of the Human Rights Association sent letters today to the Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II and the […]

‘Armenian Genocide’ Remarks Triggers Incident in Parliament

Remarks by an opposition lawmaker about Armenian community’s calls for recognizing the 1915 mass killing of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide, triggered an incident during the parliamentary session […]