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Primate Clarifies the Position of the ACT UK


New Primate,
His Grace Bishop Hovakim Manukyan
Clarifies the Position of the
Armenian Church Trust (ACT UK)


::  In Issue No 5 – Vol.2 – of the Armenian Church News, His Grace Bishop Hovakim Manukyan, Primate of the Armenian Churches in the United Kingdom and Ireland, has clarified the issue of trusteeship of the Armenian Church Trust (UK) by announcing the appointment as trustees of the Trust one ex-officio representative from each of the recognised Armenian Church Parishes of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The announcement further stated that the trustees will be serving ex-officio, in their capacities as members of their respective Parish Councils, and their trusteeship shall end when they stop holding office in their respective Parish Councils.

It was also announced that Mr Hovnan Hampartsoumian, a much respected member of the community and a Chartered Accountant will act as Financial Controller of the Trust.

The Chairman of the Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom, Mr Ara Palamoudian, welcomed the announcement and congratulated the Primate, Bishop Hovakim Manukyan for the steps he has taken to change the trustees’ structure of the ACT, and by announcing that all trustees will be elected members of the U.K. Church Parishes as ex-officio representatives of their respective Parishes, Bishop Hovakim has most wisely and very properly brought the Trust under the control of the constituent Parishes of the Diocese of the United Kingdom and Ireland, and hence the Armenian Church, under whose name the ACT has been raising funds.

It was also extremely welcome to read that once the Diocesan constitutional structure has been established, the ACT UK will become an integral part of the Diocese and its structure.

Mr Palamoudian also remarked that His Grace Bishop Manukyan enjoyed the full support of the Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom and that he had every confidence that Bishop Manukyan would be successful in expeditiously bringing together all the parishes under a universally agreed Diocesan Constitution, and a strong and harmonious Diocesan structure would be established under the most able Primacy of Bishop Manukyan.

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