Turkish Ambassador in Slovenia recognizes Armenian Genocide: Ashot Grigoryan

Dr. Ashot Grigoryan
Dr. Ashot Grigoryan

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 12, ARMENPRESS: Armenian Genocide denial punitive law is already a reality in Slovenia, reportedly Azerbaijani- Turkish propaganda disinformation which casts doubt on the existence of the law is being subjected to failure. Ashot Grigoryan , President of Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe ( FAAE) had a press conference with the reporters on October 12. Armenian Genocide criminalizing law was adopted in Slovenia’s Criminal Code in 2009, September 1. All those who will deliberately deny Armenian Genocide will be sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, the ones who are unaware of the law will reportedly be sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment. Azerbaijanis were making regular efforts to deny the existence of the law, they were not ceasing spreading information that there was no similar law.

In this context Ashot Grigoryan recalled the statement made by Gulhan Ulutekin, Turkish Ambassador in Slovenia and its consequances. ”When Gagik Mkrtumyan, Chairman of the Constitutional Court and Arman Mkrtumyan , Chairman of the Court of Cassation and me visited khachkar dedicated to Genocide victims and paid a tribute to their memory, Turkish Ambassador in Slovenia then issued a statement, writing there was no Genocide , noting Armenians should speak carefully” , Armenpress reports. Ashot Grigoryan filed a lawsuit calling to subject the Ambassador to the punishment prescribed by law.Yet when Gulhan Ulutekin was called to a police department announced he has nothing against Armenian Genocide thus explicitly recognizing Armenian Genocide.

”We have even sent a letter of thanks to Ahmet Davutoğlu , Minister of Foreign Affair Minister of Turkey on the occasion Turkish highest diplomats recognize Armenian Genocide fact ” Grigoryan wrapped up. Slovenia recognized Armenian Genocide in 2004. Stefan Harabin , Slovakia’s Supreme Court Chairman visited Tsitsernakaberd memorial and paid tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide on October 11.

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