Protest action was held in front of Armenian Embassy in France against Sargsyan’s visit

Baku-APA. Diaspora organizations of Azerbaijan and Turkey on November 12 held a joint protest action in front of Armenian Embassy in France against Armenian president Serj Sarkisyan’s visit to France. The protest action was organized by the World Union of Azerbaijanis Youth.

APA reports quoting the State Committee on Work with Diaspora of Azerbaijan Republic that the protest action aimed at protesting the visit of Serzh Sargsyan – one of the organizers of the Khojaly genocide and active participant in the occupation of Azerbaijani lands to France, which is a civilized and democratic country.

During the protest action voiced slogans “Karabakh was and will be our”, “the Elysee Palace refuses to declare Sarkisyan Khojaly executioner”, “France, direct their power to perform at the UN resolutions and stop the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan”, “Sarkisyan – the criminal, violate the rights of one million Azerbaijani refugees”,” vile murderer Sarkisyan, answer for the murder of 613 innocent Azerbaijanis in Khojaly”, ” Killer Sarkisyan, your place Hague Tribunal”, and others.

The action began by singing the national anthem of Azerbaijan. Then there was the honored memory of martyrs who died during the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Participants of the rally said that the occupation policy of Armenia is a threat to peace and security in the region, and urged the international community to give a fair assessment of the conflict. Speakers share the sounds of the overture “Koroglu” and ancient national song “Sari Gelin” activists of the Azerbaijani Diaspora, prominent public figures have expressed their opposition to the policy of aggression of Armenia. Chairman of the Azerbaijani House in France Mirvari Fataliyeva, MP Rafael Huseynov, chairman of the Youth Union of the World Azerbaijanis Ramin Mammadov, chairman of the Congress of World Azerbaijanis, MP Sabir Rustamkhanli, president of the Congress of European Azerbaijanis Samira Patzer-Ismailova, President of the University of Cologne Turkic Levent Dashgyran, Chairman of the Azerbaijani-Turkish cultural association in the Netherlands Ilhan Ashkyn, chairman of women’s association “Azeri-Turk” Tanzila Rustamkhanli and others regarded the continuation of the occupation of Azerbaijani territories, despite the resolutions adopted by international organizations such as the lack of respect for international law on the part of the aggressor. Speakers noted that Serzh Sarkisyan – one of the organizers of the Khojaly genocide and active participant in the occupation of Azerbaijani lands, must answer to justice.

The action was attended by Azerbaijani and Turkish Diaspora organizations in Europe, including the European Azerbaijanis Congress, Azerbaijan House in France, the Youth Association of Azerbaijanis in France, Swiss Society of Friends of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Society of Spain, the Organization of Turkic University of Cologne, the French Society of Friends of Azerbaijan , Association of Azerbaijanis in Belgium, Azerbaijan-Turkish cultural association in the Netherlands, the World Azerbaijanis Congress, Cologne Society Azerbaijani-Turkish culture, women’s groups “Azeri-Turk,” Friendship Society Azerbaijan-Belgium, Germany Turkic Federation, the Association of Turkish students in France, Cologne Turkic Federation, the Association of Azerbaijani students in Strasbourg and other organizations.

At the end of the protest action was read a statement. The statement was delivered to the Armenian embassy in Paris.

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