Germany’s Armenian Genocide Decision ‘Final’
says Bundestag Vice President


:: YEREVAN (Armenpress)—During his visit to Yerevan on October 5,
Vice President of the German Bundestag, Johannes Singhammer said the adoption
of the Armenian Genocide recognition resolution by Bundestag was the correct decision.

“Yes, we have decided to submit the resolution on the Genocide in the German Parliament
and after long discussions we adopted it. I think it was a step towards the truth, and the truth
is a step forward towards the peace; in other words, this was a step aimed at achieving peace.
A hundred years have already passed: I think time has come for doing that. We will be able to go
to the future if we remember the past. It is a necessity,” he said.

Regarding the negative Turkish reaction over the adoption of the resolution especially after
recent developments Singhammer said, “Our decision in the German Parliament is final and
we will not change it.”

Singhammer and the German delegation visited Tsitsernakaberd Memorial on October 5 to
pay tribute to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims where they laid flowers.

The delegation was accompanied by German Ambassador to Armenia Matthias Kiesler.

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian received the Bundestag delegation on Wednesday. (Photo: Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian received the Bundestag delegation on Wednesday. (Photo:

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian received on Wednesday the
delegation of the German Bundestag.

Nalbandian noted that the frequent visits of German lawmakers to Armenia are a testament
to the importance of parliamentary diplomacy.

The Foreign Minister availed himself of the opportunity to express gratitude for the recognition
and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide by the German Bundestag, and for the principled
stance of German MPs on the issue.

Singhammer presented the goals of German MPs’ visit to Armenia and the results of the meetings.

Nalbandian briefed the guests on Armenia-EU relations, the ongoing negotiations on a new legal
framework and referred to Armenia’s approaches towards the situation in the Middle East, the
issues of minorities in the region, the struggle against terrorism and other regional processes.

He also presented the efforts of Armenia and the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs towards
elimination of consequences of Azerbaijan’s April aggression and settlement
of the Karabakh conflict.



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