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Raffi Sarkissian interview with Civilitas Foundation, Yerevan

The Armenian Lobby in the UK ՈՒրբաթ, 20 հունիս, 2014 – 22:00 | Սիվիլնեթ Բաժիններ` REPORTS IN ENGLISH, ԴԻՏԱԿԵՏ, ԼՐԱՀՈՍ, ՀԱՐՑԱԶՐՈՒՅՑՆԵՐ, ՍԻՎԻԼՆԵԹ How can the UK Armenian Community impact UK policy on Armenia and the region? Raffi Sarkissian, a community activist, talks about this and other activities in London and throughtout the United Kingdom.

Eurovision Announce 2014 Rule Changes For Fairer Jury

EUROVISION ANNOUNCE 2014 RULE CHANGES FOR FAIRER JURY World TV PC September 25, 2013 Wednesday 2:45 PM EST Throughout its long history, the popular pan-European Eurovision Song Contest has faced plenty of accusations that the results displayed on-screen are not the full story, with a new batch of claims having come in in recent months […]

Bruno Didn’t Know the Armenian-Turkish Border Was Closed: A Traveller’s Tale

24 year-old Bruno Rasmussen hails from the city of Bordeaux. Last September he left France without a penny in his pocket and hit the open road. So far, Bruno has travelled to Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. I met Bruno by chance in Yerevan’s metro as we both got out at the Republic Square […]