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Why Turkey should be thankful to Sarkozy?

Although Turkey, both at the level of the state establishment and the people in the street, is happy to say goodbye to Nicolas Sarkozy, the government may not immediately reverse its decision to partially suspend bilateral ties with France, which was made in response to Sarkozy’s obsession with stigmatizing Turks using the Armenian issue. This […]

International observers’ report on Armenia elections seen as vague

International observers’ report on Armenia elections seen as vague

Director of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies (ACNIS) Manvel Sargsyan describes the report on the May 6 parliamentary elections released by international observers on Monday as “vague”. “They [the international observation mission heads] said that their goal was not to give evaluations, but rather to see how elections have been conducted in […]

Stamp Out: Was disappearing ink a glitch or a tool in Vote 2012?

The disappearing stamps in passports were one of the key concerns and possible violations in Sunday’s parliamentary elections and have been qualified by many as a well-planned stunt skillfully implemented by the authorities. As opposed to 2008 when passports were stamped with regular permanent ink, this time it was decided to use special ink that […]

Elections in Armenia: An Interview with Antranig Kasbarian

Elections in Armenia: An Interview with Antranig Kasbarian

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Armenian Weekly and the Hairenik Weekly conducted an interview with the chairman of the ARF Central Committee of the Eastern US on the upcoming elections in Armenia this weekend. Below is the English translation of the interview. What can be expected from the May 6 elections in Armenia? Do you anticipate any differences […]

Armenians see election bringing stability at most

Gurgen Badasyan has struggled to live on his Armenian state pension for years and holds out little hope that a parliamentary election on Sunday will improve his life in the mountainous South Caucasus state. The government raised his monthly teacher’s pension in January by a few dollars, to $82 from $75, but Badasyan says it […]

Sibel Edmonds Finally Wins

Sibel Edmonds’ new book, “Classified Woman,” is like an FBI file on the FBI, only without the incompetence. The experiences she recounts resemble K.’s trip to the castle, as told by Franz Kafka, only without the pleasantness and humanity. I’ve read a million reviews of nonfiction books about our government that referred to them as […]

Armenian Parties Make Lavish Jobs and Pay Pledges

Parties campaigning for Armenia’s May 6 parliamentary election are focusing on social and economic issues rather than foreign policy, for the first time for many years. The shift in focus has surprised political observers in the country, who have got used to parties talking about the Nagorny Karabakh dispute with Azerbaijan, the Armenian genocide and […]

ARF’s May 1 Message Rallies Voters

ARF’s May 1 Message Rallies Voters

YEREVAN (Yerkir)—With five days left to the parliamentary elections in Armenia, Armenian Revolutionary Federation candidates used the May 1 international Labor day holiday to drive home the message that that, as citizens, Armenians have the right to create their own future and decide their own fate. Speaking at a campaign rally in Hrazdan, the chairman […]

A Defeatist Nation

With the Armenian National Assembly elections slated for May 6, I am obliged to reflect upon the political situation of the last four years and contemplate where Armenia is headed. These elections will be the most important in this republic’s brief history as a test for the functioning of democracy, yet most people don’t realize […]

Border shootings amid campaign: Will Azeri bullets leave traces on Armenian elections?

Most Armenian parties contesting seats in the National Assembly in the May 6 elections say the recent escalation of tensions along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border won’t disrupt the normal course of the country’s political process. The situation in the northeastern borderline areas of Armenia as well as along the line of contact in Karabakh has remained […]

Armenians Prepare Special Welcome for Aliyev in New York

How could the war-mongering president of Azerbaijan be permitted to chair the UN Security Council, the august body that is supposed to promote peace and security in the world? Unfortunately, such an outrage is possible simply because it is Azerbaijan’s turn to take over the rotating chairmanship of the Security Council in the month of […]

Understanding Armenia’s pre-electoral party landscape: EuFoA publishes Shortpaper

Today, European Friends of Armenia ( publishes a guide on the Armenian political parties, providing on roughly 1.5 pages per party the key facts about their alliances, poll and election data, history, leadership, political ideologies, foreign relations and European aspirations. “This guide will serve as a useful tool to anyone interested in better understanding of […]

Second week of campaigning brings news of violence amid calls for political tolerance

Second week of campaigning brings news of violence amid calls for political tolerance

Armenia’s president and head of the ruling Republican Party (RPA) has issued another call for tolerance amid more reports of violence in Yerevan against some opposition campaigners. Speaking to voters in a southern Armenian province on Tuesday Serzh Sargsyan said that “Armenians have no right to form ranks against each other.” “We [the RPA] will […]

Two Faces of Turkey: Veneer of Gentility Masking Ruthlessness

Two Faces of Turkey: Veneer of Gentility Masking Ruthlessness

When Turkey’s Foreign Minister met secretly with a group of Armenians in Washington last month, he wooed them with his sly smile and sugar-coated words. This was the fake facade of traditional Turkish diplomacy. Last week, Turkey’s UN Ambassador in New York revealed the nasty and aggressive face of his government. Upon learning that a […]

Israeli Minister Makes Rare Trip To Armenia

Israel’s Agriculture Minister Orit Noked laid a wreath at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan on Monday during what was a rare visit to Armenia by an Israeli cabinet member. Noked arrived in Yerevan to discuss ways of promoting cooperation between the agricultural sectors of the two countries. Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian and Agriculture Minister […]

Flying the Flag of Facebook for Power to the People – and the Politicians

Flying the Flag of Facebook for Power to the People – and the Politicians

A new flag is flying proudly these days alongside the Armenian national flag at opposition rallies for Armenia’s May 6 parliamentary elections, and it is the flag of Facebook. The US-based social network is proving an increasingly handy tool for shaking up Armenia’s ossified election system — both for exposing abuses and for campaigning — […]

Turkey’s Foreign Minister in Search of ‘Soft’ Armenians

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s “man on the run,” has added to his extremely busy schedule the new task of travelling around the globe trying to recruit ‘sensible’ Armenians. Davutoglu has embarked on such a desperate initiative after the failure of all Turkish attempts to divide and conquer the Armenians and weaken their resolve to […]

Russian radar in Armenia to block an US/Israeli strike on Iran from the north

Moscow has stepped into the vacuum created by US President Barack Obama’s decision to stay out of any potentially incendiary Middle East involvement while campaigning for a second term. After blocking the way to direct Western and Arab military intervention in Syria through the Mediterranean, Russia sent its Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last week on […]

Aliyev Calls Armenians Fascists at Euronest Meeting

BAKU (Yerkir Media)—Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev on Wednesday called Armenians occupiers and fascists during a speech at the Euronest Plenary Session, angering the Armenian parliamentary delegation and shocking European officials gathered at the meeting. In reporting from Baku Tuesday, head of the Armenian delegation and chairman of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation parliamentary bloc Vahan Hovannesian […]

Turks and Azeris Alarmed that Tuvalu May Recognize Republic of Artsakh

March 16 was like any other day at the United Nations, when the representatives of Armenia and Tuvalu signed a joint declaration establishing diplomatic relations. Tuvalu is a tiny state in the South Pacific, much smaller than Manhattan, with a population barely over 10,000. Who would have thought that such a routine announcement would alarm […]