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Armenian Representation in Turkey?

“No Assimilation could be achieved merely by surrendering one’s past but ignoring the alien past. In a society on the whole hostile to the Jews… it is possible to assimilate only by assimilating into anti-Semitism also.”1 This year, again, the Armenians of Istanbul were confronted with theheavy duty of responding to the dominant atmosphere of […]

Religious Minorities in Turkey: ‘An Endangered Species’?

Religious Minorities in Turkey: ‘An Endangered Species’?

U.S. Religious Freedom Report Serves Tough Warning The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in its 2012 annual report recommended designating Turkey as a “country of particular concern (CPC)” for its “systematic and egregious limitations on the freedom of religion.” Turkey was on the commission’s “Watch List” from 2009-11. The commission found that […]