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AYF Olympics Braces for Tidal Wave

Visitors sitting poolside at this year’s Boston AYF Olympics could very well get caught up in a Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” tsunami. Expected to compete this year is a K-T trio unlike anything the organization has ever seen. All three have qualified to participate in the USA Olympic Trials in an attempt to make the swim […]

International Community Places the Final Nail on the Coffin of Turkish Denialism

For nearly a century, Turkey has been aggressively spending millions of dollars in the international arena in order to push forward its denialist agenda on the Armenian Genocide. Besides monetary resources, Ankara has been making major efforts to bully various nations away from recognition of the Genocide. But all the expenditures and efforts continue to […]

Trade secrets of oldest family firm in US

  Nearly 400 years ago, in 1623, Avedis Zildjian founded a cymbal-manufacturing company in Istanbul. Now run by 14th generation family member Craigie Zildjian, along with her sister Debbie, the company has outlasted empires, survived a move overseas to the US, and thrived during the economic turmoil of the Great Depression and two World Wars. […]

Armenian Assassin’s Parole Pushed as Issue in D.A. Race

The case of Hampig Sassounian has been a cause celebre within the local Armenian community for nearly 30 years. In 1982, Sassounian and an accomplice assassinated the Turkish consul general, in an act of revenge for the Armenian genocide. Sassounian was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. But ever since, a dedicated […]

Americans Become Familiar with Sun-Ni Armenian String Cheese

PHILADELPHIA — For many Armenians, food is one of the most fundamental elements of their identity. Thus, making Armenian food accessible and known in the United States contributes in a modest way toward preserving an aspect of Armenian culture, and Monica Whitcomb and the Sun-Ni Cheese Company play a role in that process. The Sun-Ni […]

Film Attempts to Document Armenia’s Influence on Europe

WATERTOWN — A new film by history buff Arsen Hakobyan of Armenia intends to put into perspective Armenia’s influence on Europe, both in terms of export- ing Christianity, as well as exporting its church architecture and numerous saints. The film, shot on location in Armenia as well as in Georgia and several European countries, gives […]

Armenian Power is “Like a Marriage of the Old Italian Mafia and Street Gangs”

Interview with Martin Estrada, from the Criminal Division of the Office of the U.S. Attorney General (U.S. Department of Justice) In particular, what kind of offences are Armenians involved in? Obviously I am not an expert in all things, crime involving people of Armenian descent. I can only talk about the experiences that I had […]

Armenians should form a united front before any negotiations with Turkey

Armenians should form a united front before any negotiations with Turkey

My latest column on Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s efforts to initiate a dialog with the Diaspora generated numerous reactions from both Armenians and Turks. Turkish newspapers, TV stations, and websites gave extensive coverage to Davutoglu’s reported overtures to Armenians. The Turkish media linked the Foreign Minister’s initiative to Armenian plans for the commemoration of […]

Armenian Project an Off-Shoot of Birthright Israel

Linda Yepoyan grew up in Pittsburgh, a city that had just 30 Armenian families and no Armenian church. She felt little cultural connection to her family’s ancestral homeland. Or so she thought. Then came the December 1988 earthquake that ravaged what was then the Soviet Republic of Armenia. More than 25,000 people were killed. The […]

How Should the Diaspora React to New Turkish Overtures?

I have been informed by reliable sources that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is continuing his efforts to initiate a personal “dialogue” with the diaspora on Armenian-Turkish issues. Earlier this month, Davutoglu met with Armenian Americans as follow-up to the meetings he held in Washington last March. During their conversation in May, the Armenian interlocutors […]

Tbilisi Armenians struggle to save their crumbling churches from neglect

Tbilisi Armenians struggle to save their crumbling churches from neglect

The collapse of the bell tower of the Armenian St. Nshan Church in Tbilisi Sunday night again reminded the local Armenian community about the defenseless status that Armenian churches have in Georgia. While the main reasons for the collapse is considered to be an earthquake that hit the territory a few days before as well […]

The story of Armenian Jerusalem to come to life in feature film

Jerusalem – The story of the Armenians of Jerusalem, a fascinating tale of courage, hope and endurance, sprinkled with the inevitable grains of turmoil and tragedy, is planned to be told, for the first time in a feature film. While there have been previous attempts to tell part of the story in a book or […]

Racine man’s hand-written religious manuscripts now in Armenian Library and Museum of America

Five Armenian religious manuscripts traveled this week from Racine to Boston, where they are being donated to the Armenian Library and Museum of America. What makes these lengthy, large-format books unique is that every word in all five of them was carefully handwritten in the Armenian alphabet (invented by an Armenian monk in 405 A.D.), […]

Song and dance moves to Armenia

Song and dance moves to Armenia

Boston – There has lately been some activity surrounding the cause of what’s called “repatriation”, of having Diasporan Armenians move to the Republic of Armenia or to Artsakh. Not that that cause is new by any means, it’s just that a couple of concerted efforts over the past months has highlighted some points that seem […]

From The Turks To The ‘Titanic:’ One Armenian’s Fateful Escape

From The Turks To The ‘Titanic:’ One Armenian’s Fateful Escape

Neshan Krekorian was barely in his twenties when his father urged him to emigrate from western Armenia and start a new life far away across the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of Armenians were doing the same, in a bid to escape rising violence and persecution at the hands of Ottoman-era Turks. So Krekorian fled, making his […]

Armenian Specialist at Library of Congress: “Who’ll replace me when I retire?”

Armenian Specialist at Library of Congress: “Who’ll replace me when I retire?”

Dr. Levon Avdoyan has been diligently working away at the U.S. Library of Congress since 1992. His current position is Armenian and Georgian area specialist in the Near East Section of the African and Middle Eastern Division. He fears that after retiring, there’ll be no one to replace him. Avdoyan was born in the U.S. […]

In Jerusalem, the spiritual and the physical can be overwhelming

In Jerusalem, the spiritual and the physical can be overwhelming

JERUSALEM — Tour guide Doobie Sabbo stood just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem, the holiest city to Christians and Jews, the third most important to Muslims. King David’s ancient city is less than half a square mile, but has been fought over too many times in the name of God. Things seem peaceful now, […]

The Armenian diaspora we don’t know

Approximately 90,000 Armenians migrated from a number of other countries to Armenia during what we could call a “second wave,” between 1946 and 1948. What happened during this great wave, the way Armenia treated these people, the failure for many years to consider them as equals of the local Armenians, discriminating against them and mistreating […]

Armenian genocide survivors in Queens tell their harrowing stories

Armenian genocide survivors in Queens tell their harrowing stories

Some of the last remaining witnesses of the Armenian genocide gathered to tell their stories recently at the New York Armenian Home in Flushing, where four of less than an estimated 50 remaining survivors in the U.S. reside. “We want to put a human face on the Armenian genocide, to show that real people are […]