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BREAKING NEWS: Azeri Forces Try Infiltrating Artsakh, Armenian Soldier Killed

BREAKING NEWS: Azeri Forces Try Infiltrating Artsakh, Armenian Soldier Killed

STEPANAKERT, NKR—An Azeri unit tried infiltrating Artsakh around 4 a.m. this morning from the contact point in Horatiz. The ensuing clashes resulted in the death of one Armenian soldier. Two others were injured. According to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic media services, the Azeri side also suffered losses. This is the fourth attempt in June alone […]

UPDATE 1-Baku accuses Armenia of killing 5 Azeri soldiers

Azerbaijan accused arch rival Armenia on Tuesday of killing five Azeri soldiers near their border in a second day of violence that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned could turn into a broader regional conflict. A day earlier, three Armenian soldiers were killed and several soldiers on both sides wounded in a border skirmish. […]

BREAKING NEWS: Armenia Foils Infiltration Attempt, 5 Azeri Soldiers Killed

BREAKING NEWS: Armenia Foils Infiltration Attempt, 5 Azeri Soldiers Killed

YEREVAN (A.W.)—An Azeri unit of 15 soldiers tried to infiltrate the Armenian border near the village of Vosgebar in Tavush but withdrew after incurring heavy losses, Armenia’s Ministry of Defense stated. Sources in Baku reported that five Azeri soldiers were killed and several others were wounded. There were no casualties on the Armenian side. The […]

Azerbaijan troops killed in Armenia border clash

BAKU, Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said Tuesday that five of its soldiers were killed in clashes with Armenian troops alongside the border separating the two countries, deepening tensions between the two former Soviet nations. The ministry said in a statement that exchanges of gunfire have been reported over the last two days at numerous […]

Calming the Roiling Caucasus

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia this week is timely. The Caucasus holds risks of confrontation that could affect American and European interests, and it requires regular and high-level attention. Terrorism and insurgency are spreading in Russia’s North Caucasus region. Russian military occupation of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and adjacent areas […]

Karabakh in Miniature: Georgia and Azerbaijan fail to solve Davit Gareja monastery dispute

Karabakh in Miniature: Georgia and Azerbaijan fail to solve Davit Gareja monastery dispute

For the past two decades a giant monastery complex Davit Gareja, 60 km to the southeast of Tbilisi, on the Georgian-Azeri border, has been the subject of dispute and tensions in the relations between Baku and Tbilisi. The complex that stretches for 25 kilometers is of exclusive value with its numerous rock-hewn churches built between […]

Azerbaijan Blames ‘Armenian Lobby’ For Deepening Row With Iran

High-ranking representatives of Azerbaijan’s ruling party have blamed Armenia and the worldwide “Armenian lobby” for their country’s mounting tensions with Iran that led Tehran to withdraw its ambassador from Baku on Tuesday. The envoy was recalled “for consultations” after months of bitter recriminations traded by the two neighboring nations over alleged interference in each other’s […]

Is Azerbaijan’s New Air Defense Protecting Against Iran Or Armenia?

When news broke a couple of years ago that Russia was selling S-300 air defense systems to Azerbaijan, the immediate assumption was that this had to do with Armenia. The sale suggested a huge shift in Russia’s military policy toward the south Caucasus: Russia has a big military base in Armenia and provides Yerevan with […]

Armenian Alarm at Spate of Border Shootings

A series of shooting incidents on Armenia’s border with Azerbaijan and around Nagorny Karabakh has heightened fears among local civilians, even though they are well used to the sound of gunfire. The border village of Dovegh in Armenia’s northeastern Tavush region came under sustained fire for 90 minutes on April 25. Two days later, three […]


Arevagal: The following article by the former Russian ambassador to Armenia was written just before Moscow liberated South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgian/Western aggression. The commentary by the ambassador is a little insight into how Moscow views Armenia and its role in the Caucasus. The article clearly suggests that Moscow was feeling the urge to […]

Azerbaijan ‘targets activists’ as it prepares to host Eurovision

Baku’s Hospital Number 1 is an impressive building. It is immaculately clean and well equipped, a symbol of the modern state that oil-rich Azerbaijan wants to be. But upstairs in a hospital bed was another symbol of modern Azerbaijan – a badly injured journalist. Idrak Abbasov was lying, struggling to breathe, with a bandage around […]

Azeri President Uses Platform at UN Security Council to Revile Armenia

Azeri President Uses Platform at UN Security Council to Revile Armenia

Special to the Mirror-Spectator UNITED NATIONS — Lies, distortions and propaganda took center stage on Friday, May 4, as Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev addressed the topic of “anti- terrorism” before the United Nations Security Council and accused Armenia of “terrorism against civilians, military aggression and ethnic cleansing.” Possibly aware this diatribe would occur, the UN […]

A War That Has Been Neglected Since 1994

Using the infamous quote of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, this story below is about “a quarrel in faraway countr[ies] between people of whom we know nothing”. And this is not about Europe of late 1930’s, but about the periphery of Europe of 2012. I marked this quote listening to a Member of the […]

Armenia Fined for Refusal to Take Part in Eurovision 2012

The European Broadcasting Union fined Armenia for its refusal to participate in the Eurovision international song contest , which will be held in late May in Azerbaijan, Armenia Today reported on Thursday. The EBU resolution says that Yerevan should pay the full fee for participation in the contest. In addition, as a penalty, Armenia has […]

EU deals with Azerbaijan and Armenia should make the region safer

The association agreements that the EU is negotiating with Armenia and Azerbaijan should make the region safer, both by promoting a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and by making EU support conditional upon their human rights performance and democratic reforms. On these, both countries still have a long way to go, MEPs say in […]

Armenia Offers To Replace Russia’s Radar In Azerbaijan

Amid the negotiations between Russia and Azerbaijan over the Gabala radar station, Armenia has stepped in and said they would be willing to host a Russian radar if a deal over Gabala falls through. The current lease for the radar station expires in December, and Azerbaijan has gradually been raising the price it says it […]

Armenia-Azerbaijan: Learning to Give “Enemies” a Human Face

Armenian reporter describes evolution from blanket hostility to realisation that Azeris are people, not monsters. When I saw a Facebook message saying that IWPR Armenia was seeking a journalist to write an article in partnership with an Azerbaijani reporter about the way history is taught in the two countries, I wondered whether such a collaboration […]

Turks and Azeris Alarmed that Tuvalu May Recognize Republic of Artsakh

March 16 was like any other day at the United Nations, when the representatives of Armenia and Tuvalu signed a joint declaration establishing diplomatic relations. Tuvalu is a tiny state in the South Pacific, much smaller than Manhattan, with a population barely over 10,000. Who would have thought that such a routine announcement would alarm […]

Wikileaks: Azerbaijan “terrified” by potential Armenian attack

Wikileaks: Azerbaijan “terrified” by potential Armenian attack

Washington – Despite record growth in military spending and frequently heard threats by top officials to resume hostilities in Karabakh, Azerbaijani leadership is said to be “terrified” by a prospect of an Armenian military attack, a Stratfor memo made available via Wikileaks revealed. The memo was prepared by Reva Bhalla, Stratfor’s director of analysis, following […]