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Armenian Genocide
Centenary Commemoration Committee

The Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee was formed in May 2012, in the presence of civic dignitaries and representatives of over 25 community-based organisations, in line with other Armenian Diaspora communities world-wide. Its mission is summarised as follows:

To duly commemorate the centenary of the Armenian Genocide across the UK in order to educate and raise public awareness at all levels of society; to promote its recognition by our Government, and to catalyse debate about Genocide and the rights of the victims in order to contribute to the protection and safety of humanity. 

The committee is represented by 15 members from all major organisations in the UK; in addition, four subcommittees have been invited to assist with specific responsibilities in the following areas: Political, Cultural, Media and Finance (Fundraising).

The Cultural Subcommittee includes representatives from the Armenian General Benevolent Union, Armenian Institute, Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Society, Tekeyan Cultural Association and Nor Serount Cultural Association.

The diverse activities being planned for 2015 require a systematic approach and appropriate budget. The Committee is determined to cooperate with all sectors of the community and local authorities in order to maximise the success of the campaign to promote the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Government in the UK.

It is imperative that such a campaign would require the support and cooperation of the community at large and its establishments. We are certain that through a united front, a collective effort, well targeted activities and proper coordination and communication, the AGCCC will go a long way towards fulfilling its mission.

3 Responses to Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee

  1. Sabby Sagall

    In October 2013, my book on genocide “Final Solutions: Human Nature, Capitalism and Genocide” was published by Pluto Press. It contains a substantial chapter on the Armenian genocide. It might well be useful for your forthcoming commemorative events. Would you like me to ask the publishers to send you an inspection copy after which, if you wish, you can order additional copies?

    With kind regards, Sabby Sagall(Mr).

    • Sabby Sagall

      As I mentioned in my posting of 18th January 2015, I would be happy to give a talk at one of your upcoming centenary events in order to support your campaign for recognition of the genocide of 1915 by the forces of the Ottoman

  2. Elizabeth Bishop

    Dear Armeninian Community

    I am from Yorkshire and was visiting my sister and daughters in London yesterday. I happened to be an incidental bystander of the march as it passed by Green Park and it stopped me in my tracks not only physically but emotionally. I felt compelled to watch and take note of individuals and the banners they were carrying. My lack of understanding of the history of Armenians and how they suffered humbled me and I came home to read more about it. I am shocked and upset by what I read and want to share it with my family and friends. I feel it should be recognized politically as genocide and my support and prayers go with you all.

    Elizabeth Bishop

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