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Body and soul in Armenia

In AD301, Armenia became the first country to adopt Christianity as its national religion. Indeed, many think of it as Christianity’s real birthplace. I have just walked through the Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Armenia’s capital Yerevan, which is the oldest state-built church in the world, constructed between AD301 and AD303 by Saint Gregory the Illuminator. I […]

St John’s Smith Square

Turkey’s Armenian Ghosts

For many years in Turkey, conversations became awkward if they turned to defining what used to be called the “events of 1915”. Basically, I had read one set of history books, which discussed the genocidal deaths of 1-1.5 million Armenians who died in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War deportations. Most Turks had […]

French Armenian Umbrella Group Expresses Support of Archbishop Zakarian

French Armenian Umbrella Group Expresses Support of Archbishop Zakarian

17:49, July 11, 2013 The CCAF (Co-ordination Council of Armenian Organisations of France) has released a statement expressing trepidation over the resignation of Archbishop Norvan Zakarian, Primate of the Armenian Church Diocese of France. The CCAF says that Archbishop Zakarian enjoys the support of the entire French-Armenian community and expresses its concern that the Primate’s […]

Aznavour honoured at Golden Apricot Festival

The 10th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival has taken centre stage in Armenia. More than 200 films from 90 nations are on the schedule for the annual event. Internationally acclaimed director Atom Egoyan is the Honorary Chairman of the Festival Egoyan explained the attraction of the venue: “Armenia has always been at the crossroads […]

Tamada Tales: Wet ‘n Wild in Armenia

Armenians were busy dousing each other with buckets of water on July 7 both to cool down in the scorching summer heat and to celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ. Or the pagan goddess Astghik. Or Noah and his ark. Or just to get wet. Mention Vardavar in Armenia and the locals “will look at […]