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Armenia’s Syria Aid Already Being Distributed

Armenia’s Syria Aid Already Being Distributed

ALEPPO (Yerkir Media)—The cargo of humanitarian assistance delivered to Syria by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-led “Help Your Brother” effort is already being distributed to Armenians and Syrians in crisis-ravaged Aleppo, organizers said. The first plane carrying relief supplies to Syria from Armenia landed safely at the Aleppo airport Monday after stopping for a scheduled inspection […]

Russia protects Armenia from Western influence

The deployment of the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri remains the subject of heated debate. Some believe that that the Russian base guarantees security for Armenia, while some are convinced that the base threatens the sovereignty of the country. Pravda.Ru talked to the Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues Konstantin Sivkov to […]

Torkom Manoogian, In the New York Times

Torkom Manoogian, Archbishop of Armenian Orthodox Church, Dies at 93 Archbishop Torkom Manoogian, the longtime leader of the Armenian orthodox church in the United States and a savvy communicator who used his pulpit in New York to broaden public awareness of the Armenian genocide, died on Oct. 12 in Jerusalem. He was 93. He had […]