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Youth; the Destiny of Artsakh

The Youth of any country is its lifeblood, none more so than in Artsakh. I remember when I first arrived in Shushi a few years ago, and I walked around the streets with my Armenian friend, just talking to each other, camera over my shoulder. There were a number of youths sitting by the mosque […]

Postcard: Border lessons, a fight over a “winged” flight, “Stonehenge” confusion

Postcard: Border lessons, a fight over a “winged” flight, “Stonehenge” confusion

The cramped minivan, the tour operator’s logo boldly emblazoned on its sides, bounced along the dusty main road leading to the outskirts of Yerevan. Sitting in companionable silence, occasionally jolted by an unexpected pothole, I sat among a mixed group of Armenian, American and German tourists. The bustling streets of Yerevan receded into the rearview […]

Potable-Water Network in Artsakh’s Hadrut City Being Constructed

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s U.S. Western Region is building a potable-water network in Artsakh’s Hadrut City, the administrative center of the Hadrut Region. The project is being realized through a major contribution by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Patricia Turpanjian of Los Angeles, with additional support from the government of Artsakh. The Turpanjians were also […]