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The story of Armenian Jerusalem to come to life in feature film

Jerusalem – The story of the Armenians of Jerusalem, a fascinating tale of courage, hope and endurance, sprinkled with the inevitable grains of turmoil and tragedy, is planned to be told, for the first time in a feature film. While there have been previous attempts to tell part of the story in a book or […]

Azerbaijan ‘targets activists’ as it prepares to host Eurovision

Baku’s Hospital Number 1 is an impressive building. It is immaculately clean and well equipped, a symbol of the modern state that oil-rich Azerbaijan wants to be. But upstairs in a hospital bed was another symbol of modern Azerbaijan – a badly injured journalist. Idrak Abbasov was lying, struggling to breathe, with a bandage around […]

Azeri President Uses Platform at UN Security Council to Revile Armenia

Azeri President Uses Platform at UN Security Council to Revile Armenia

Special to the Mirror-Spectator UNITED NATIONS — Lies, distortions and propaganda took center stage on Friday, May 4, as Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev addressed the topic of “anti- terrorism” before the United Nations Security Council and accused Armenia of “terrorism against civilians, military aggression and ethnic cleansing.” Possibly aware this diatribe would occur, the UN […]

Racine man’s hand-written religious manuscripts now in Armenian Library and Museum of America

Five Armenian religious manuscripts traveled this week from Racine to Boston, where they are being donated to the Armenian Library and Museum of America. What makes these lengthy, large-format books unique is that every word in all five of them was carefully handwritten in the Armenian alphabet (invented by an Armenian monk in 405 A.D.), […]