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The Reign of Lies in Turkey

The Reign of Lies in Turkey

Organized denial means the reign of lies. The denialist, in order to sustain denial, has to resolutely and incessantly lie. Otherwise it can’t go on. The truth, even bits of information that might hold the slightest potential of undermining the lie, is the biggest and most merciless enemy of denial. So the denialist, having created […]

Gharibian’s Study of Armenian Journalism a Valuable Resource

Special to the Mirror-Spectator Jerair Gharibian, who died in 1991, made an important contribution to Armenian culture in the Boston area, when, in 1980, he founded the Boston Armenian Independent Radio Hour, which to this day broadcasts news and commentary of interest to the Armenian community. His widow, Yevgine Gharibian, who hosts the broadcasts, has […]