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Elections in Armenia: An Interview with Antranig Kasbarian

Elections in Armenia: An Interview with Antranig Kasbarian

WATERTOWN, Mass.—The Armenian Weekly and the Hairenik Weekly conducted an interview with the chairman of the ARF Central Committee of the Eastern US on the upcoming elections in Armenia this weekend. Below is the English translation of the interview. What can be expected from the May 6 elections in Armenia? Do you anticipate any differences […]

Armenians see election bringing stability at most

Gurgen Badasyan has struggled to live on his Armenian state pension for years and holds out little hope that a parliamentary election on Sunday will improve his life in the mountainous South Caucasus state. The government raised his monthly teacher’s pension in January by a few dollars, to $82 from $75, but Badasyan says it […]

Commentary: A Million Person March on Washington

Judge Lisa Asadoorian is one of many prominent young judges in Michigan. Although she is not actively involved in any particular Armenian organization, her heart is in the right place. She cares about her own people, both in the diaspora and Armenia. Last Sunday, when she was attending a panel discussion on the recognition of […]

MEHMET ALİ BİRAND: We are surrendering ourselves to ‘genocide’

  Today is April 24. Again, as happens every year, the 70 million-person population of Turkey will wonder what others are saying about the Armenian issue. What will Washington say? Which country will accept the Armenian genocide claims? Days will pass in stress, and in the end, we will again forget everything. This process is […]