Daily Archives: Thursday, 3 May, 2012

Sibel Edmonds Finally Wins

Sibel Edmonds’ new book, “Classified Woman,” is like an FBI file on the FBI, only without the incompetence. The experiences she recounts resemble K.’s trip to the castle, as told by Franz Kafka, only without the pleasantness and humanity. I’ve read a million reviews of nonfiction books about our government that referred to them as […]

Turkey’s Deceptive ‘Dialogue’ with Armenians Backfires

For many decades now, instead of taking the shortest route to settling the Armenian Question fairly and wisely, Turkey has opted for all kinds of deceptive tactics to defraud Armenians of their right to justice regarding the Armenian Genocide; lost homelands in Western Armenia and Cilicia; and illegally confiscated real and personal properties of the […]

Chip executives’ conference is off to Armenia

LONDON – The International Electronics Forum is off to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia for its 21 st annual meeting. The meeting of C-level executives is set to take place at Yerevan Marriott Hotel from Oct. 3 to 5, 2012. The forum is organized by Future Horizons Ltd. (Sevenoaks, England) and covers the electronics value […]

Armenian Parties Make Lavish Jobs and Pay Pledges

Parties campaigning for Armenia’s May 6 parliamentary election are focusing on social and economic issues rather than foreign policy, for the first time for many years. The shift in focus has surprised political observers in the country, who have got used to parties talking about the Nagorny Karabakh dispute with Azerbaijan, the Armenian genocide and […]

A War That Has Been Neglected Since 1994

Using the infamous quote of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, this story below is about “a quarrel in faraway countr[ies] between people of whom we know nothing”. And this is not about Europe of late 1930’s, but about the periphery of Europe of 2012. I marked this quote listening to a Member of the […]

Armenia Fined for Refusal to Take Part in Eurovision 2012

The European Broadcasting Union fined Armenia for its refusal to participate in the Eurovision international song contest , which will be held in late May in Azerbaijan, Armenia Today reported on Thursday. The EBU resolution says that Yerevan should pay the full fee for participation in the contest. In addition, as a penalty, Armenia has […]

The Kernel that Led to ‘The Sandcastle Girls’

Sometimes my novels have positively elephantine gestation periods—and even that, in some cases, is an underestimate. A mother elephant carries her young for not quite two years; I have spent, in some cases, not quite two decades contemplating the tiniest seed of a story and wondering how it might grow into a novel. Moreover, in […]